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David Keno

Berlin, Germany


Budenzauber, Club Sweat, Cr2 Records
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David Keno was born in 1979 in Berne, Switzerland and is making music since he was 12. It all began with classical instruments like guitar and drums. After playing in different Rock Bands he discovered his love of electronical sounds and started experimenting with synthesizers and computers. Equipped with a little analogue synth and logic audio he could start composing tracks without the compromises entailed in playing in a band. After releasing his first records he also started performing his songs live as Vernis.

As David Keno he releases Records from minimal techno, electro to house. All of them are very good working in the clubs but they have some kind of soul. His love for melodies and pop structures always shines through.

Anything is allowed in his DJ sets as long as the groove is right. He combines many stiles in a very unorthodox way and you can’t be sure in what direction he will go next.