"Music is a journey. A journey through all the intricate stages, experience and changes we face throughout our lives. Music is a story, a story about a journey. When peo... read more
David Jay Beatport


Location: Mauritius Mauritius
Genre: House
Labels: Distil Records, Lifted House

“Music is a journey. A journey through all the intricate stages, experience and changes we face throughout our lives. Music is a story, a story about a journey. When people come to hear me play they are listening to my music, my story, my life journey; and I believe inadvertently they are reliving their own journeys, their own stories. Music is an outlet, a tool for finding and living old and new experiences alike.”

Born in 1979 in Mauritius, David jay has been an active DJ for ten years. His eclectic range of styles has given him the flexibility to perform in a diverse variety of musical styles and domains.

David Jays sets have taken crowds to different heights.

David Jays passion lies within the realms of House Music; enticing and capturing crowds with his skills and sounds ranging from Deep House to Progressive House, with a raw and definite feel of Funky House and Electro House.

David Jay first took to the decks in 1996 and his first live public appearance was in 1997 for the Metropolis DJ night at a nightclub called the Sphinx. This would be the start of a successful career for David Jay. A career which would take him around the globe doing what he most enjoys in life; making us form part of one of his stories, making us relive and experience intense journeys that take us through life.

David Jay is one of the most requested DJ?s on his paradise island of Mauritius. He has organized several parties, some of which being International Gigs such as the first Ministry Of Sound Party in the Indian Ocean.

His live performances and creative musical sets have caught the attention and in turn sponsorships of Billabong, Von Zipper and many more. David Jay has gained not only strong public recognition but also respect through the major events and public appearances he has organized and played for.

In 2000 David Jay put himself through a DJ Certificate Course to deepen both his theoretical and practical knowledge of his passion at the SAE Technology of London, where he came out of it with a not only a distinction but also second place out of the 11 international students also taking part in the course. During this time, the course and experience opened doors for David Jay; allowing him to travel and play in renown clubs such as Ministry Of Sound in London, The French Session Tour in France(Macumba, Le Pacha, Le Nautilus etc?), In and Out of Spain and many more. David Jay also had the pleasure to work with and experience the musical techniques and skills of world renown DJ?s such as Nick Bridges ‘Bodyrox,’ Mutiny, The Beginnerz, Timmi Magic, Crispin J Glover, David Guetta and many more.

“For me a DJ, by playing sounds in an effective way, has tremendous power and influence on people’s state of mind. A DJ can make a whole room fall in love, in turn making people feel good in body, mind and soul. DJing is a live performance, a creative act. In truth, DJing is an instinctive emotional art form. The DJ is in a sense manipulating the relationship between people and music.”

“Music is a powerful force that a DJ can use constructively to his advantage to generate musical experiences and enjoyment.”

text by N.W.