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David Jach

Dresden, Germany


Cometomusic, Deich Records, Keno Records
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When Richie Hawtin and Oliver Koletzki play a certain record more than once, we all know the beats people will rock the floor to in future. David Jach, producer and DJ from Dresden (Germany), has just started to affect the electronic music scene with his sound and somehow manages to transform each playtime into a magical hour. Suddenly; there seems a spark of hope that club music is still dynamic and open to changes. His productions are faster in driving the beat into peoples’ feet than being at the mastering studio. Jach represents a new generation of musicians, who rely on their own feelings rather than on the “great hypes”. And still, his sound somehow manages to sneak in between the almost identical sounding tracks of the beatport Top20. However, David Jach does not only count on his vinyl productions but also on his live qualities. The freshness of his performance is catching and evokes an almost romantic picture of perfect Open-Air-Days and Club nights, some of which he is celebrating on a regular basis within the scope of his own event “Freunde Feiern”. Colourful, slightly soaked with house and deep sound elements, always a bit nostalgic but at the same time several steps ahead of the usual burbling techno-releases – this is David Jach and it is not unlikely that we will hear more about and from him in the future.