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The first time he dived into the world of sound artist responsible as he mid-1980s in a small nightclub near Frankfurt for the musical conception was.

David Heat where he began to emancipate themselves from the function of pure “disc jockeys”. He had previously placed a piece at a time and moderates in between, he began to expand his musical repertoire as DJs, and even to create new music.

The turntables were changed for him from mere passive player into a musical instrument, and he learned to previously unknown in the mix to allow freedom of pieces.

His passion for house music and his musical repertoire grew and was strengthened by an intensive exchange with icons such as Erick Morillo, Robbie Rivera, Antoine Clamaran, DJ Chus, Reboot, and many more.

The sampling by computer, enabled by the new power of home computers and the rapid development of computer programs enabled him to new production methods, which asserted his electronic music with many different samples and loops and various effects.

The extreme formalization of the musical structure of house music, the almost exclusive use of sequences whose pulse lengths powers of 2 and the resultant awarded resulting infinite possibilities David Heat the musical language to express his intentions in music and non-verbally to interact with his audience.

Of his preferred music style, where the speed is set slightly higher than in the traditional house music characterized by a strict rhythmic sound, which includes reduced melodic elements.

Bookings in the underground scene of Spain, Poland, Bulgaria contributed to its popularity over the nations borders. Independent events and radio appearances cemented his reputation in the scene.

It gave rise to the project “Heat and Juicy” with Chris Juicy.

Since 2008, David Heat works on several projects and events. From this continuity, there were his many contacts with local and international DJ’s and promoters. His blog on I-Tunes and its regular Guestmixs reach today download numbers that go into the hundreds of thousands per month