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David Granha

Progressive House, Techno

Aegyptia, Afterglow, Baroque Digital
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David Granha is today one of the most respected producers of Spain. His incredible capability to adapt and create different music styles has made the Galician one of these hard to catch rare species. His knowledge about sound and his development on infinite musical environments leave remarkable traces in his sets and live acts. A self proclaim eclectic, David often navigates between electronic inhospitable scenarios and techie old school confines.

The first references were on 2007, when he published three EP’s, drawing attention of the Yugoslavian DJ & producer “Umek”, who offers be the first remixer of one of David’s most emblematic tracks, “Las Aventuras”. He has been proclaimed in several opportunities the winner of remix contests such as “Teleport”, from the Argentines Hernan Catteneo & Soundexile, and “The Secret Garden” from Cora Novoa, a property of the Spanish producer Henry Saiz, which was the prelude to his post releases on Sudbeat and Natura Sonoris.

As expected the producer career has improved substantially as has the number of his releases. Labels as Baroque, Outside the Box, Particles, Afterglow, Lowbit, Liquid Grooves, Dar or Replug, have been some of the artist houses. Supported by people like Tiesto, who has recently played one of David’s latest remixes on his radioshow, or Laurent Garnier, who commented “David is one of that producers who makes the kind of hard to listen techno that I love so much” and qualifiying his last remix “Amir”, as a “Techno bomb”. To these big artists we can add: Markus Schulz, Nick Warren, Hernan Cattaneo, Dave Seaman or Martin García.

Last December came to light his debut EP on the prestigious Canadian label microCastle, which has been considered by many DJ ́s and producers as the best of the year and which counts with remixes from big names of the industry like Alexander Kowalski, Ryan Davis, Fairmont and Charlie May.

David has rightfully translated into his music his vast musical taste, getting in turn a dynamic and complete “Live” set. His old progressive-house productions seasoned with house rhythms and the raw techno basses, have resulted in a more complex performance, with highly techno nuances bound with 909 drums, and Detroit and Berlin trends.

His nonconformist and ambitious attitude implies a high investment of time in the studio and in the confection of DJ sessions, improving his range of action, and testing a bit more the different musical slopes.

Personality drives him to create his own label “Aegyptia Recordings”, which seeks to be a platform for new and consolidated producers, and that little by little is gaining the sector’s respect.

2013 will be a year full of news for the artist, in which he is going to publish original music, not to mention his first album schedule to be release in December.

Granha’s music is becoming little by little an essential material to many of the best DJ’s in the world, and he is, without a doubt, influencing a new generation of producers. It is because of this we can say that he is one of the rough diamonds of the European techno.