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Born on October 22, 1977, David Durango, of his real name David Duran, becomes interested by ACID HOUSE as of the early age of thirteen.

Living in a hip-hop environment, his passion for graf is very quickly replaced by that of Djing. When he turns fifteen, he decides to invest in the appropriate material to be able to start «playing vinyls»

n the nineties, attracted by the phenomenon of raves and the eletro movement, he gets influenced by Techno, Trance and Hard Tech. While going to house parties in his area, he gradually starts to get a few bookings to carry out in front of a public his music, the Tech-House.

In 2000, Durango’s path crosses with Ceyda (voices), Greg (drums) and David (cords).

He starts to play with these electronic machines and is the founder of the band Coma Blank which allows him to compose electro pop rock music. After a large repertoire and a live concert very well handed, the band splits in 2004 for personal reasons.

In 2005.

His passion for this music is such that he decides to devote his time to production and produces sounds with Label and Net Label.

Nowadays, David Durango is as much a DJ as a sound producer, is getting known and pursues his childhood dreams.



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David Durango