Top 25k on The DJ List

David Drone

Minneapolis, United States



David Drone is co-owner of Celebrity Records and is one-half of the production team “the DeeGees”. He was born in Minneapolis and still makes it his home. Since the late 70’s, David has always been into music. His passion started when he would go down to the local record store and buy a few 45’s with his allowance and play “radio DJ” for his friends. Since then, his record collection has grown to over 15,000 records strong ranging from Disco to Rock to House to Jazz. If it was a good record, he wanted it, regardless of the style.

In 1989, David started his real Dj career by playing at underground house parties and clubs. Since then, he has played all over the US and got his first chance to play overseas in 2001 at the famous Love Parade as part of a 10 day European tour. He has held several residencies around Minneapolis, including being the warm up DJ at Paisley Park for Prince and opening for David Bowie on his 1996 tour.

By 1996, David was fed up with there being no dance music store in Minneapolis, so he took it upon himself to open up the first all vinyl dance store in town, Bassment Records. For the past 6 years, he has manned the store 6 days a week.

Moving slowly into production, David has had several releases on his own, and teaming up with Bryan Gerrard as the DeeGees, as well as being part of Mindphaseone and legendary Minneapolis techno group AutoKinetic.