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“If You’re Standing Still… you’re wasting Time..”. Sounds exhausting? It is! But for a man who lives off Popcorn, ‘V’ and not much else, this no sleep junkie, see’s it as a way of life. Meet Dave Winnel; Artist, Label Owner, Ableton Guru, & and all round perfectionist!! Winnel has had his gear on ‘GO’ for years and admits he isn’t about to slow down anytime soon. Its all about pushing the boundaries for him and thinking “yeah that’s how it’s done, but this is how I’m going to do it, so eat a d”.

Dave is most recognized for his unique and dynamic remixes, which have flooded the Australian Recording Industry (ARIA) Club Chart top 100 this past year, staying at #2 spot with his remix of ‘EXAMPLE’ for countless weeks, while at the same time his name also sat ridiculously high at positions #5 & #7. Basically a remix package isn’t complete without a Dave Winnel BIG TECH remix included. His originals have also gained the attention of some of the biggest tech house names in the business from Bass Kleph to Roger Sanchez, seeing his flawless production’s finding their way onto the biggest Dance music labels in the world, including, Vicious Records, OneLove & Vacation Records.

The idea of mixing 2 records (in any format) together for Dave is boring. Instead he blends loops, samples, acapella’s & full tracks together to create an energetic, live show which takes his listeners on an uplifting journey. His Ableton live DJ sets have become somewhat of a freak show and have grabbed the attention of 1000s of kids from all over the globe seeking his infamous “LIVE TEMPLATE”. Although his template is available online, his current live set’s hood is locked tight. What we do know is he uses some serious routing, loads of sidechain compression, delay action & limiters that’d even tame even the most savage track.

For 2012 expect Loads of new Club friendly Singles, an even more advance DJ show, & a second instalment to his ‘Live DJ Future Loops’.

For Bookings Contact [email protected]



NEW ORIGINAL Dave Winnel & Will Reckless – Woah Dance {Midnite Music 2011}

Dave Winnel ft Nfa – Let Me See You Run [Midnite Music 2010}

fRew & Dave Winnel – La Disco De Robot {Happy Day Records2010}

Dave Winnel – Pogo {Blue Beam Records 2010}

Dave Winnel – Back 2 Back feat. Chris Arnott (Dave Winnel’s Tech Mix) {Latex Records 2010}

Dave Winnel – OPUS EP {Happy Day Records 2010}

Dave Winnel – Rollerskates {Blue Beam Records 2010}

Dave Winnel – Festival City/Jungle City {Vacation Records 2010}

Dave Winnel – Rock Music {Blue Beam Records 2009}

Dave Winnel – Down – Blue {Beam Records 2009}

Dave Winnel – Argo/Moccina {Vacation Records 2009}


Smash The Pressure – (Dave Winnel Remix){Central Station Records}

Sharam – Fun (Dave Winnel Remix){Central Station Records}

Rave Radio – Get It Hot (Dave Winnel Remix) {Central Station Records 2011}

The Cut – The Fatter (Dave Winnel & Jamie Kaye Remix){Vicious Recordings 2011}

The Cut – Gimmie Head (Dave Winnel & Jamie Kaye Remix){Vicious Recordings 2011}

The Cut – Better Days 2011 (Dave Winnel & Jamie Kaye Remix){Vicious Recordings 2011}

The Cut & Mind Electric – Sweat 2011 (Dave Winnel & Jamie Kaye Remix){Vicious Recordings 2011}

Example – Changed The Way You Kiss Me (Dave Winnel Remix)[#2Aria Club Charts]{Hussle/MOS AUS 2011}

fRew ft Dirty Radio – Under The Sun (Dave Winnel Remix)[#29 Aria Club Charts]{fRewition Records 2011}

Punk Ninja – Fofever Feat. Monique (Dave Winnel Remix) [#7 Aria Club Charts]{Central Station Records}

Jono Fernandez – Hear Me feat. Katrina Noorbefgen (Dave Winnel Remix) [#3 Aria Club Charts]{One Love Records}

The Cut & Mind Electric – Louder ft Mr Fluff (Dave Winnel Remix)[#30 on the Aria Club Charts]{Vicious Recordings}

The Zone – I Feel You (Dave Winnel Remix) {Big Aliance Records 2011}

Bombs Away – Swagger (Dave Winnel remix) {Central Station Records 2011}

fRew & Chris Arnott Ft Rosie – This Nu Style (Dave Winnel Remix) [#17 Aria Club Charts] {One Love Recordings 2011}

Dirty Laundry – Downtown Underground (Dave Winnel Remix) {Bangers & Mash 2010}

Nick Galea & MDX – I Gotcha (Dave Winnel Remix) {One Love Recordings 2010}

Will Reckless – Disco Tweekin (Dave Winnel Remix)[#22 Aria Club Charts]{Vicious Recordings 2010}

Schoolboy – Checkmate (Dave Winnel Remix) {Burn The Fire Records 2010}

Marc 1 & DJ Anady – Welcome to Berlin Bitch (Dave Winnel Remix) {Hypetraxx Records 2010}

Houserocka – Houze n Hornz (Dave Winnel Remix) {Blue Beam Records 2010}

Bebop & Rocksteady- Big Butts 2010 (Dave Winnel Remix) {Happy Day Records 2010}

Tee Ex – Blue Sunrise (Dave Winnel Remix) {Latex Records 2010}

Baby Gee feat Chris Arnott – Only A Day (Dave Winnel Remix)[#19 Aria Club Charts]{Vacation Records 2009}

Kid Dub – Diamond Sea (Dave Winnel Remix) {Vacation Records 2009}

Mesa – Deafwax (Dave Winnel Remix) {Vacation Records 2009}

Boogie Bros – Fight For Your Right (Dave Winnel Remix) {Mental Madness Records 2009}