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Dave Tarrida

Vienna, Austria


a quiet RIOT, AcidWorx, allyoucanbeat
Dave Tarrida Beatport


Dave Tarrida started his career in 1991 at Edinburgh´s infamous Sativa club, as promoter and dj. this was the club that also saw the debut´s of Neil Landstrumm and Tobias Schmidt. 1994 saw the start of Sativae Recordings which he ran with Steve Glencross, seeing influential releases from close friends like Cristain Vogel and Landstrumm as well as artists such as DJ Hell and Jay Denham.

In 1999 Dave relocated to his native Barcelona, Spain where he lives till 2010, when he relocated again, this time to Vienna, where he has his studio based, and continues working.

Dave´s many LP´s, EP´s, and remixes have grace labels such as Berlin´s Tresor, Shitkatapult, Mosquito, and B Pitch Control to name but a few.

As a dj, his broad base of electronics and techno have taken him to some of Europe´s legendary clubs, such as Tresor, the Omen, Ultrashall, the Rex, Flex, Fabrik and the Fuse. As well as major festivals, such as Love Parade Berlin/Mexico City, Nature 1 and Sonar. he has played across USA, Japan, Australia, Central and South America.