Top 50k on The DJ List

Dave Sienna

Utrecht, Netherlands

Progressive House


Dave Sienna aka Yvory Schmidt, born in the middle of Holland, fell in love with dance music at a early age, growing up with music like Prodigy, Robert Miles, jean michel jarre and more, he developed a taste with lots of variety within dance music .At an age of 11 he spun his first records, varying from Robert miles to sash etc. As a natural thing he started to listen to trance in 1998, and after a long break, picked up djing again.

Around 2001 he started to prefer a somewhat deeper style, something that is still very noticeable until this day. Being influenced by a lot of different music in his life, you won’t find him sticking to any specific genre, his music varies from deep breaks to trance, and everything that’s in between.

Always being dedicated to his work, and with a real passion for music, don’t be surprised that this is someone to keep an eye on.