Dave Mothersole Beatport


Over the last few years Dave Mothersole has steadily become one of London€™s biggest, best loved underground DJs. Known for his smooth mixing skills, dynamic flow and deep, ultra funky interpretation of house and techno he’s gradually risen through the DJ ranks to become a regular fixture at clubs and parties all over the UK and oversees. A life long music fan, Dave’s obsession with rhythm and sound started early whilst listening to his parents Beatles and Beach Boys records when his family lived in Italy. On returning to England at the age of eight he discovered the pop music of the day and started collecting his own records. From there he moved on to the more obscure sounds of groups like Kraftwerk and Pink Floyd and then into Punk, New Wave, Synth Pop, Jazz-Funk, Electro, Hip Hop and eventually the early House.

In 1986 he went traveling to India and stumbled across the party scene in Goa. It was a major turning point that not only introduced him to the concept of all night parties, but also made him realize the full potential of electronic dance music. “The music was a mixture of eighties synth pop, Ital disco and obscure Hi-N-R-G, which probably sounds dreadful now, but at the time it was amazing,” he says. “It was all instrumental and the vibe and the energy of the crowds dancing under the stars changed my outlook on life for ever. I still listen to some of old the tapes even now.” After returning to Goa the following year he found things where kicking off back in England when he arrived home. He soon became a regular at clubs like Spectrum and The Trip, but it wasn’t until a couple of years later that he fell into DJing. “I had loads of mad techno records by groups like Front 242 and Nitzer Ebb and someone offered me a weekly slot at a night called The Hard Club at Gossips in Soho. I used to ‘try’ and mix them with Detroit techno and early house stuff and even though I didn’t have a clue what I was doing when I saw the effect that you could have on people, just by playing records, I was totally hooked.”

From there he moved on to a residency at the London club Browns, where he stayed for two years. “I used to do three nights a week and play the whole night myself. It was hard work sometimes but it taught me a lot about building the mood of a night and learning to work a crowd. It was an apprenticeship really and I’m really glad I did it.” In 1993 he started working at Swag Records in Croydon, gave up Browns and started to play at underground parties like Heart & Soul and later Wiggle. It was here that he really started to develop the sound he’s now known for. Mixing raw, funky house grooves with lush melodic techno and deep, booming electro he quickly became one of the major players on the then still nascent tech house scene. Since then he’s been a regular at nights like Subterain (The End), The Bomb (Nottingham), Ministry Of Sound (London), Bed (Sheffield), Check Point (Reading) and Fabric (London) and has played just about every major club in London whilst still holding down residencies at underground events like Whoop Whoop, Positive Sound and The Laundry.

The last four or five years have seen Dave traveling around the world, taking his unique sound to parties and clubs in countries like Spain, Holland, Belgium, Croatia, Turkey, France, Israel, Australia, Malasia, Serbia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, USA, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Canada and Italy as well as doing major festivals like Homelands (England and Scotland), Impulz and Dance Valley (Holland). He’s also played at Premier clubs like The Twilo and The Arc (New York), Spundae (Los Angeles), The Zouk (Singapore) and Propaganda (Moscow) and was voted best visiting DJ of 1999 after a two week tour in New Zealand.

In 2001 Dave was given his own weekly “Late Night Sessions” show on London’s Kiss 100 (Tuesday’s 2 -4 AM) and has quickly gained a fine reputation for his laid back presentation and non stop two hour mixes.

Still as happy playing unannounced at free parties on the beach in Brighton as he is spinning in front of 3000 clubbers at Amnesia in Ibiza, he remains one of the most down to earth DJs around. “I love what I do and still feel I’ve got so much to learn,” he says, “The most important thing I’ve learned so far is that it’s easy to please the crowd and it’s easy to please yourself, but the hard thing to do is please both at the same time and that’s what it’s all about. DJing for me is about entertaining people whilst letting them know where you’ve come from and where your going.”

RESEDENCIES: Whoop Whoop (London), The Laundry (London), Positive Sound (Brighton), Electrolounge, 333Club, (London)

OTHER INFO: Dave writes the “Techno Column” for Muzik and has done since the magazine started six years ago and also works one day a week at Swag records in Croydon.