Dave D Beatport


Dave D began by studying music at an early age. After moving to San Francisco from L.A., he became involved in the S.F. house scene. Dave teamed up with DJ Taj and added turntables in his quest to express himself musically.

Dave became a resident with the Late train parties in 91. Later he was a resident at Club 1015 for the Zendada parties, which lasted until 95. From 95 until 96 he lived and DJed at the Club Palm Beach in Barcelona (San Feliu de Guixuls), Spain. After returning from Spain, he started his residency at Pablo’ Sugar Shack, which lasted until he returned to Barcelona, Spain in 2000. While in Spain again he formed the party know as “La Palma Sessions” amb els meus amics i El Xavi. T’estimo Xavi!

Now in 2003 Dave has started to show his talents again in the city by making people shake their ass at big parties such as Mixed Elements, and to continue making music from San Francisco.

Dave D and DJ Taj form the group “The Waller Street Boys”, who put out the incredible track “City of the Gods” in 97. This was featured on several CD compilations. Check out Taj and Dave’ New Track on Conscious Recordings Titled “No Time”, in stores now.

You can now check out Dave D on the Mixed Elements website, ww.mixedelements.com. The CD entitled “To The Floor” is a double-CD produced by Ruby Skye and Mixed elements, and is now out in Virgin Mega stores. Buy it now and listen to Dave D’ new track Black Samvara. Look for more music coming soon!