Dave C Beatport


DJ Dave C is the cutting edge in Progressive Music, pushing the limits of every genre, thus creating his own, so to speak. Dave’s performances exceed those of your average dj, Its not unlikely to see Dave dive into the crowd or dance on the floor, his eccentric personality comes through every speaker in the club. Far from your typical dj, Dave’s live sets rival those of an accomplished rock group playing in a packed stadium. He is most definitely one of my picks for the next big thing, and he’s only 17! -Ricky Ceballos, The Beat Miami, 2005

Now at 19 Dave has done a lot for his career, building a franchise called Ohm:Miami which provides a medium for artists and dj’s to release music also with Ohm:Miami Art Dave hopes to fuse Art and Music. Dave draws inspiration from everything art, music, news. His sound is now described as “Punk House” heavy guitars, drums and synths. No matter where he plays people are always dancing. Dave himself is an extremely eccentric person which explodes through every speaker in the club, his mixing style cannot be compared to anyone out now. He has played many parties for big names in the business and has played packed clubs everywhere…Keep your eye out for DJ Dave C in your area.