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Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, Dave Armstrong is without doubt one of the fastest rising stars in House Music. He produced his first EP ‘Prime Kutz’ in 2002 and then released ‘Make Your Move’ no more than a year later. With the simple phrase ‘Baby make your move, step across the line!’ Dave Armstrong has left his mark on house music history. In the year 2004, you could go to any party anywhere on this planet and chances were good that at the peak of the night, the infectious groove and vocal hook of ‘Make Your Move’ would blast from the speakers. Winning a space in the hearts and minds of dance music lovers, he achieved what each and every music producer dreams of – he created a classic.

Dave Armstrong’s display of production prowess did not stop there. Continuing to release new tracks and remixes over the years, his name became well established in the charts and can be found printed on countless compilations worldwide.

In the fall of 2007 his previously released track ‘Love Has Gone’ was re-released, this time in collaboration with studio partner Redroche from Eyezcream. Including dancefloor stirring vocals by H. Boogie of the UK, it was immediately swept up by Ministry of Sound. This Hed Kandi release of ‘Love Has Gone’ flourished in the UK charts quickly moving to the no. 1 spot early 2008.

With 2009 fast approaching, Dave Armstrong intends to bring in the new year with some resonating new material, bass heavy and full of funky flavour.