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Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Electro House, Progressive House

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Datatronix was born in Newark, NJ. Since his youth he always saw the Club scene and enjoyed music of all genres because his father would take him to his events. He then fell in love with the way Dance music would move the CROWD. At the early age of 12 he pursued the love of mixing music. He would study all types of Dance music until he fell in love with house music. At the age of 13 he was the youngest DJ in the island mixing it up and caught the attention of the Coca Cola Corp. where they sponsored him in PR. At that early age he did a few venues and did a Summer Tour sponsored by the company in 2004/05. At 16 years old he started getting into remixing and producing Progressive House & Electro House. Now in his 20’s he’s living his dream; producing and mixing it up, enjoying seeing the CROWD feel the music and just DANCE the night away.