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Das Carma

Stuttgart, Germany

Electro House

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Das Carma is a german dj-duo from Stuttgart(Germany).

Their style can’t be really descirbed in one word. It’s a mixture out of Maximal, Nu Rave, Minimal, Brit-Pop, French-House, Tech-House, Techno, Electro and so on….

Everything began with their passion for music. They didn’t start listening to electronic music from the beginning on but they walked a long way from rock to hip-hop to reggae and now they’re loving the sound of electronic music in every different types.

As often as they can they go to clubs everywhere in germany like the Bootshaus/Loonyland in Cologne, Die Registratur in Munich, the Romy S or the Rocker33 in Stuttgart to name a few.

After a while the wish to play the music oneself in clubs came up. So they bought the equipment they needed and started practising.

Meanwhile they are rocking the crowd with their own unique skills.