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DARVO is a Polish DJ and electronic music producer. In the past he has been producing his music under the Dereck Recay name and Darius Romanowski. He is one of the leading representatives of the trance genre among Poland which as one of few is supported by the world known icon of clubbing music – Armin Van Buuren. His beginnings and long-term experience leading through the decisive year of 2000 when the technic of producing this type of music was very poor than it is nowadays.

Breaking through the worldwide path of music career has its own beginning in 2008 year by publishing the first track „Hydrolook” with addition of hard trance style. Following ‘Aquarius ‘ and ‘Light Of The Night’ were really popular around the world thanks to uplifting trance style. Finally Darius (old name Dereck Recay) has been noticed by his greatest piece of work which is „Dream Way” which has been supported by artist such as Armin Van Buuren, DJ Tiesto ,Aly & Fila Pedro del Mar , Sean Tyas , Daniel Kandi and more… It has been reaching the top of the best seller lists of trance worldwide.

After few remixes it was the high time for him to create EP of the artist (Cry to the Sky / The Stars EP) at Junodowload.com and on DJ Charts it has been the bestselling publication and after three days of releasing it went to the first place !

Next is ‘Nebula’ which has been remixed by 4Strings and Dj ECO- ‘Nebula’ in DJ ECO’s remix was supported by Armin Van Buuren.

Last EP of the artist was brought to life in (Flux Delux / Recoverworld Rec.) – (Essence Of Life / Inside Out) where strong and melodic trance was in many publishings from (Armada Music) corporation and more.

Remix for DJ ECO to his single ‘Drowning’ was published in (A STATE OF TRANCE / ARMADA) and has been supported by Armin Van Buuren twice in his audition called ‘A STATE OF TRANCE’ and on ARMIN ONLY 2010!

Darius Romanowski:

November 2011 was the time for creating something fresh and original , something that will be accompanied the artist on his new path in career.

His real surname without ‘z’ letter will be heading the new styles and will be making dreams real.

After bunch of years that artist spend among internet radios on December he came to the decision with creating his own private audition called THE TRANCE TRAVELLER. It will be released only on ah.fm ..

Ending of program THE TRANCE TRAVELLER under number 050 took place on 15 of February 2014 and then Darius Romanowski retired


After nearly 2 years of inactivity (4 years regarding production) Dariusz Romanowski is coming back under new artist name – „DARVO“. The first release under the label REDUX RED following track called „WANDERING FLAMES“ is going to take place 11.07.2016r.

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