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For the past three years Darroo has worked hard to gain exposure around the Toronto area In Canada. In 2004 Darroo became a resident of Room 19 (D2 Niteclub, Dropzone). After The Closing of the venue he started to explore more of the venue’s around Toronto. His favourite destination to party was then Viva nightclub in Markham. His technique is gratefully adapted from one of Toronto’s most recognized and versatile DJs – DJ Chiclet. Of course, by adapting this technique with practice, David created something completely different. In 2006 Davids has expressed his feelings towards the unique empire of trance so much that it got him excited about the possibilities of getting into professional song writing, not limiting himself to hardtrance, which he is really into. To increase the creativity and performance in his tracks he has started purchasing a few tools ( Synths,DSP card,Midi controllers). The Future of this trance Junkie is starting to piece together, one thing is for sure though he does it for the love of music! Past Events Include:The Guvernment, Viva Nightclub (Toronto), Pulse Nightclub (Toronto), Afterlife Nightclub (Toronto), Housexy (Toronto), Dropzone/D2/Room 19 (Toronto). Next Event Is In England! and Australia in 2010!!