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Darren Tate

London, United Kingdom

House, Trance

AKA: Angelic, Citizen Caned, Dt8, Jurgen Vries, Orion, The Mourne

2010 Howard Perl Records, Howard Perl Management, Howard Perl Records
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Darren ‘DT8’ Tate is an award winning international producer and DJ born in London, England. As a classically trained musician versatile in piano, guitar, clarinet and orchestration, Darren has earned his reputation as one of Europe’s leading producers, having worked with a wide range of international artists and writers. He is also one of the worlds most successful dance producers, having had huge international hits with the likes of Jurgen Vries, Angelic, Orion, Citizen Caned and most recently DT8 Project. He has also worked with a huge array of top international artists and writers and has enjoyed much success in the areas of television, film and musical theatre.

Darren has given the world some of its biggest dance floor hits. He is best known for huge cross over projects such as Angelic (with Judge Jules – ’It’s My Turn’, ’Can’t Keep Me Silent’, ‘Stay With Me’), Jurgen Vries (‘The Theme’, ‘The Opera Song (Brave New World)’, ‘Wilderness’) and most recently DT8 Project (Hold Me ‘Till The End, ‘The Power Of One’). However closest to the hearts of the millions of clubbers out there are classics such as ‘DT8 – Destination’, ‘Orion – Eternity’, ‘Let The Light Shine In’ (with Jono Grant), ’Prayer For A God’ and his recent artist album ‘Horizons 01’.

2007 saw the full release of the highly anticipated and genre defining DT8 Project album ‘Perfect World’, which was branded one of the most inspired and original electronica albums of the year. The album included the massive hits ‘The Sun Is Shining (Down On Me)’, ‘Winter’, ‘Destination’ and ‘Hold Me Till The End’ and received rave reviews across the board. The album also featured exclusive performances by many major international artists such as Gavin Rossdale and Mory Kante, and was remixed by many of the biggest names in dance music, including Above & Beyond, Max Graham, Woody Van Eyden, Ronski Speed, Alex Morph, Mike Koglin, Lange, Gareth Emery, Adam White, Corderoy and many others. In 2008 Darren took things up a gear with his stunning recording of “Dark Skies” with the Czech National Symphony Orchestra, a work that went onto win a distinguished musician award from the IBLA Foundation. Then in 2009 Darren released “Horizons 02”, an album close to clubbers hearts that features many of Darren’s latest and most popular anthems, such as “Echoes”, “When The Morning Comes”, “Chori Chori”, “On The 7th Day” and “I Would Die For You”.

In 2011 Darren announced various new projects. “Funkysober”, a collaboration between Boy George and Marc Vedo, and “Tate & Diamond”, a collaboration between Harry Diamond (who previously recorded as My Digital Enemy and Sunset Strippers). The first Funkysober (entitled “Sunshine Into My Life) features Sharlene Hector who performed with Basement Jaxx and will be released on Very Good Records (a sub label of MN2S Records) summer 2011. The first Tate & Diamond single “Turn It Back” features Pippa Fulton and is due to be released on Azuli / Defected Records in summer 2011. In addition Darren has a “secret” progressive house pseudonym which has seen support from practically every major house DJ in the world. Darren has also been remixing for various major acts under his various pseudonyms including George Michael, Pitbull, My Digital Enemy and Future Sound of London (as Mental Cube).

In addition Darren also announced a film collaboration project called “Brainstorm” with composer Kenneth Lampl (a multi award winning film composer). For more information on the films they have been working on visit the Brain Storm website (link above)

Darren also has an ever-growing reputation as one of the worlds premiere DJ’s, where his blend of trance, house and progressive house has been causing a huge stir in the dance community. As well as headlining major international events and touring across the globe he finds time to host the monthly ‘Mondo Sessions’ (with co-host Dale Corderoy), which is syndicated across a global international radio station network (including Ministry of Sound Radio, DI.FM, ETN, AH.FM, Slink FM, Rise FM, Fresh FM and others). In addition he has received rave reviews for his mix duties on albums such as ‘Beyond Euphoria (MOS)’, ‘Trance Republic (with John Askew and Agnelli & Nelson)’ and the hugely popular ‘Mondo Sessions’ series (co-mixed by Mike Koglin and Dale Corderoy).