Top 25k on The DJ List

Darren Flecta

London, United Kingdom

House, Progressive House

Fluxus Music, Hatchwork, Musashi
Darren Flecta Beatport


Darren Flecta is fast becoming a recognized name in all corners of the globe through his unique fusion of groovy, melodic, hypnotic House and Techno that can be found in his DJ sets and music productions.

The art of Darren’s performances is his ability to find exceptional records from a broad soundscape of music and mould them together seamlessly creating a set full of energy, emotion, atmosphere and surprise. Constantly re-editing tracks to further customize his sets, Darren has managed to carve a a very special distinctive sound.

As a respected producer and remixer Darren’s work has been supported by many of the biggest DJs in the scene and can be found on such labels as Subversive, Bonzai Music, Musashi, Quimika Records, Dot Dot Records and Underphunk to name a few.

Darren continues to be in demand for his remixes. Recent remix projects include Cevin Fisher’s massive hit “The Freaks Come Out” Justin Robertson’s “Alpha Beta” and his remix of Joel Armstrong’s “Vancity Magic” all due for release over the summer of 2009.

2009 will see Darren continuing to split time between his busy studio work with more original releases and remixes to be completed over the summer and his DJ gigs and guest mixes throughout the year.