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Maurizio Ruggiero and Daniele Campagna are a DJ-Producer duo, both born in Italy and currently living in Miami USA. Danyelino comes from the northern city of Genoa while Maurizio is from the southern city of Napoli. They met in Miami in 1996 and became friends sharing the same passion for electronic music and clubbing. Maurizio was freelancing in the local club scene, while Danyelino was traveling back and fort from Italy. Only when in 2005 the Genoan moved definitely to Miami they decided to join forces together, first by sharing the decks and then in the recording studio. The fusion of their talents resulted in an innovative and powerful combination of sonorities which ranges from warm minimal flavors to more driving techno-oriented grooves. Maurizio and Danyelino legacy promises a sure impact in the underground club scene and is committed to shake the most exigent dance floors around the world. Their first remix production is DubfireROADKILL Released in July 2007 on SCI-TEC and ELECTRONIC ELEMENTS (ARMADA) Records. Already out on beatport , DEALER (Sleazetech) with Paolo Driver Remix and coming soon on SLEAZETECH MASSIMINO and GEMOLOTTO " Contaminated" REMIXES and LEADER again coming soon on DUBFIRE’s label SCI+TEC , ADENINE and BETA Karoten with Remixes By PAUL RITCH Already out " ORTOCLASIO" with remixes by Paolo Driver , Andrea Introvigne, and SLAD on NUHAR RECORDS Out already on Beatport Paolo Driver – Mayo (Maurizio and Danyelino rmx) – Presslab Records. Dam Flower – Light (Maurizio and Danyelino rmx) After the good feedback from Maurizio Ruggiero’s AUTOPILOT ..