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Dany T

Napoli, Italy

House, Tech House

11 Hz Recordings, Aquasound, BDivision
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A well-known dj and an eclectic producer, whose sound ranges from minimal to electronica to the latest techno, the same sound he proposes in his sets, which can drive the dancefloors crazy and get adrenalin pumping. That’s Daniele Tramontano aka Dany T.

He makes his debut on Radio Marte (a very popular radio in Campania, the region he was born) after gaining experience for several years between the end of the ‘80s and the beginning of the 90’s behind the decks of the most prestigious clubs in that area. After a short time he gets the chance to prove his skills in his greatest passion, techno, with the first discographic production, “Relaxx/Crack” by Dr. Kreator. He then begins to collaborate with some of the best labels in the field, like Stik, Minimalistik and Gas Records, finally making his debut as a solo artist with the e.p."The message”.

After that, he begins to step into the international scene as a dj, performing in the Netherlands ( Q-Club) and in some of the most representative clubs of the italian techno scene, like the legendary Insomnia and Jaiss.

Thanks to the positive feedbacks he recieves with his “New Life e.p.” and “Shadow Chaser” he begins to collaborate with the R.i.n. radio network, and the program"Orgasmatron"directed by Tony H.

In the meantime, he also works in collaboration with the distribution company Global Net and its label Net’swork, with which he produces several successful remixes, like "Gazebo"by Fairmont, "Grasshopper"by Sander Van Doorn , and “Black Sabrina”by Dj Remo.

In addition, he’s A&R for sub-label Makin’ Records (sub label of Netswork records), where he stands out for the 27.09 Project, in collaboration with Boosta from Subsonica.

On the 2009 the joint-venture with Pako Parisi and the launch of the new label Hypnotic Frames Records; besides that, Dany T is also engaged in several interesting productions with various italian and international labels (11hz records – Whist records – Bdivision), not to mention a prestigious remix for the great Italian singer Paola Iezzi for the single “Alone”.

More projects for 2010, production out on Whist records, Moditech records (with Hollen rmx), 11hz , Hypnotic Frames, and with Pako Parisi on Mystika, Do2Night and on Hamburg Aufnahmen Top 100 Minimal Chart Beatport (ABEM). On 2011 more productions and remixes for various Label , Flatbelly Blue Recordings – 11hz – MusiczoneDigital – Do2Night – Miniatures rec – Fresh&Food – Oblique rec.



2000 Dr Kreator presents The Dreamers “Relaxx/Crack” (JAB – Italy)

2001 Dany T “The Message E.P.” (GAS – Italy)

2001 Gianfredo Konig & Dany T present “Dekka E.P.” (Minimali:Stik – Italy)

2002 Dany T “New Life e.p.” (STIK – Italy)

2003 Dany T “Shadow Chaser” (STIK – Italy)

2004 DJ MILL & MANUEL T meet DANY T “Blackout” (STIK – Italy)

2006 MinicOOx “Minicooper” (Makin’ – Italy)

2007 Sticky Noise “Train 2 Mars” (Makin’ – Italy)

2007 27.09 Project (Boosta + Dany T) “The Libra Vanity” (Makin’ – Italy)

2007 Screwdriver “DeLicious ep” (Makin’ – Italy)

2007 Dany T “No Sense ep” (Kickerbaum – Germany)

2008 Dany T “Aggarbatelle” (Hacked – Italy)

2008 Dany T “Heartbreaker” (Hypnotic Frames – Italy)

2008 Dany T “Sbomb” (FKJ – Italy)

2009 Dany T vs Pako Parisi “Of the Eagle” (Whist – Italy)

2009 Dany T “Rebirth e.p.” (11HZ – Brazil)

2009 Dany T vs Pako Parisi “Fior di Loto” (Clorophilla – Italy)

2009 Dany T vs Pako Parisi “Vitale” (B-Division – Italy)

2009 Dany T “Astra” (Whist – Italy)

2010 Dany T “Another Night” (WR – Germany)

2010 Dany T “Ruoto” (Hypnotic Frames – Italy)

2010 Dany T “Escape From” (Moditech – Italy)

2010 Dany T “Napulegno e.p.” (11HZ – Brazil)

2010 Dany T & Pako Parisi “Movida Gallega ep” (Mystika – Italy)

2010 Dany T & Pako Parisi “Datolo ep” (Hamburg Aufnahmen – Germany)

2010 Dany T & Pako Parisi “Neuro ep” (DO2Night – Colombia)

2010 Dany T “Fenice” (Indelabel Music – Italy)

2011 Dany T & Pako Parisi “Dizko” (Flatbelly Blue – Hong Kong)

2011 Dany T & Pako Parisi “Voyage ep” (11hz – Brazil)

2011 Dany T & Pako Parisi “Aus” (DO2Night – Colombia)

2011 Dany T & Pako Parisi “Back to Past” (MusicZone Digital – Spain)

2011 Dany T & Pako Parisi “Alba Nuova” (Hypnotic Frames – Italy)

2012 Dany T & Pako Parisi “Time Out” (Hypnotic Frames – Italy)

2012 Dany T & Pako Parisi “Somos Todos Estrellas ep” (Disk Famous – Colombia)

2012 Dany T & Pako Parisi “Tossiko ep” (Midi Life – USA)

2012 Dany T & Pako Parisi “Bastards” (Metrosism – Italy)

2012 Dany T & Pako Parisi “Zurich Experience” (Blaubeat – Baroque – UK)


1995 K.O.A.L.A. “Peak of the bass”

1996 Feneel “Big Ass”

1996 Black Sun “Close your eyes”

1996 X-Theme “First Symphony”

1999 Majuri “Happiness”

2000 In Box “E-Mail me”

2001 Raptor “Killer”

2001 Andy Lagos “Highland”

2001 Gabry Venus “Ritmo de la raia”

2002 Distrexx “Relax your body” (Dee Tee rmx)

2002 Distrexx “Megahertz” (Dee Tee rmx)

2003 Mokkazone " XTX " (Dee Tee rmx)

2005 Lavish Habits “Clap Yo Feetz”

2005 C-Jay “You are the Robot”

2005 Dj Remo feat Chelonis R Jones “Black Sabrina”

2006 Electro Therapy “The First Therapy”

2006 Fairmont “Gazebo”

2006 Remo feat D’Mia “Freakless”

2007 Tiko’s Groove “Everybody Jumpin’”

2007 Tiko’s Groove “World of your Dreams”

2007 Ryan Davis “Airport”

2007 Sander Van Doorn “Grasshopper”

2009 Paola Iezzi “Alone”

2009 Pako Parisi “Magilla”

2009 Daniele Sorrenti “Black Hole”

2009 Andrea Giuliani & Luca Rossetti “Deep Growl”

2009 Pako Parisi “Parruk L”

2009 Mintech “Why not”

2010 Daniele Sorrenti & Michele Castaldo “A Roma”

2010 RevNoise “Casi Lo Mismo”

2011 Tad G & Angelo Pomposo “Ricciola”

2011 Ambient P “Hot Stuff”

2011 Leano “Eyes of Puppet”

2011 Indy Lopez & Marck Db “Cuba Nights”

2011 Alex MIllenium “Missed Flight”

2012 Adapter “Village”