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Danton Eeprom’s musical path is the one of a music fiend who experimented a lot of styles since his teens, going from garage rock to pop to experimental to very underground warehouse beats. To the point he got no time for anything else, and devoted his life to music.

He quickly felt the need to travel around and get on stage, from Los Angeles where he did several successful shows as a steady rock band to d.i.y. bus tours in Spain and France, ending up exhausted and eventually finding a work in a top studio as a sound engineer where he developed a quite unique approach of mixing, arranging and composing, which would make a big difference later on.

His breakthrough was primarily due to the pre-minimal Berlin electro scene, who cheerfully welcomed his productions and attitude in 2005 and contributed to spread the word to the whole scene. That’s when Danton started to bring on a different kind of live electronic music, playing guitars and singing/screaming on top of his beats, and started creating a crossover between styles, not willing to choose between the club and the stage, the dancing and the raw energy.

He quickly became the ‘top hat guy’, doing this show you could dance on from the beginning to the end. And the process went on and on, refining his dark and moody compositions in the best rated european clubs in London, Glasgow, Paris, Madrid, Berlin, Kiev.. The more it went, the more he gained consistency and simplicity until finding a trademark sound now appreciated by the best rated international djs and labels (Carl Craig, Andrew Weatherall, Matthew Jonson, Ewan Pearson, Ivan Smagghe, Damian Lazarus, Chloé, Agoria, Morpheus..). Somewhere along the line he got back to his deeply buried techno and house influences, going for the Chicago and Detroit origins, willing to scratch a surface too many people were happy with. Being too young to have lived it at the time he just did it his way, not forgetting to spice up his works and remixes with his rave, rock and pop influences.

‘As long as it’s unpredictable and charming, it’s fine’. No matter what path he had to take to get to the point, Danton is today an accomplished producer and a genuine ‘one to watch’. He just created his own imprint, Fondation Records, which will hopefully take his vision to new highs. What’s for sure is that he’s enjoying himself a lot and sharing a lot with the people he meets or attend his live appearances ; which is the best way to put an everlasting smile on everyone’s faces.