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While keeping in step with his own brand of dark and sexy House, Montreal DJ and Producer Danny Torrence believes that all good records should be mixed regardless of the genre. It is this instilled belief that allows Danny to uplift, inspire and rock the dance floor like few others. Danny’s artistic vision is exceedingly broad, touching on many different styles including House, Progressive and Techno. All of these elements combined are what makes Danny’s fans describe him as “powerful and eclectic”.

In 2004, Danny Torrence became a resident at the internationally acclaimed after hours Stereo Nightclub in Montreal, leading up to his first extended set to the delight of his fans and newcomers alike. The party was “Dirty 30”, a monumental occasion for Danny as it created much deserved recognition from his fans and peers alike. As one of three local Montreal DJ’s to behold a Stereo Residency, Danny plays alongside greats such as David Morales, Victor Calderone, Hector Romero and DJ Vibe, just to name a few. The success of this night and popular demand gave birth to Danny’s own night: Climaxxx, a smashing bi-monthly where Danny takes his fans on an all night journey 10-hour journey.

Torrence was also one of the only dj’s to hold a monthly residency at the same time at Red-Lite: one of Canada’s longest running after hours that has been pumping for over a decade and counting. Undeniably impressed by Danny’s unparalleled sound, Red-Lite chose him to represent the compilation; the 3rd in the club’s series, “RED-LITE SERIES 3 mixed by Danny Torrence”. “Everything from house to the deeper stuff had to come across on this CD. When I play, I want my sets to be seamless. The music can travel anywhere from the peak-time stuff, to a set’s deeper & sensual moments.”

2005 was a banner year for Danny on an international level, as he maintained gigs in clubbing hot spots such as Ibiza, Miami and Sicily, where he played alongside DJ superstar Paul Oakenfold. Danny also grooved his sweet and sexy sound at Crobar (NYC), Asseteria (NYC), Sonic (Toronto), Fly (Toronto), Rise (Boston) and Terminal (Quebec City) to name a few.

Danny’s passion for music and his hard work earned him an invite to Bal en Blanc 2006 (White Party), held annually to 15,000 punters in Montreal, to work his dance appeal amongst some of the hottest DJ’s in the world today (Deep Dish, Peter Rauhofer, David Guetta). His unique vibe set the stage for his innovative set at Resolution, New Year’s Eve 2006, at the Bell Centre in Montreal. This massive production put on by Godskitchen & Bal en Blanc which included among others, heavy hitters such as Tiesto and Victor Calderone, was an amazing start to the year for him. Danny was asked to step in at the last minute to fill Tiesto’s slot rather than close the party as he was originally asked and was received to rave reviews…. Give this man a room and he will work it!

His uplifting sets did not go unnoticed as 2007 and 2008 saw Danny Torrence grace the decks at one and only PACHA in Ibiza at one of the island’s longest running residencies: DEF MIX Saturdays alongside David Morales and Victor Calderone. Montreal’s most prestigious clubs can’t get enough of Danny’s full Throttle beats, which is why he not only maintains some of the most wanted after hours residencies, he also still finds time in his busy schedule to hold residencies at Karma and Unity.

For 2010, Danny is all set to launch his career as a producer. With his new tracks signed for early releases in 2010, watch out for what’s about to come as Danny is aiming to take things to the next level!