Danny Sullivan Beatport


How many times is a DJ asked, “What kind of music do you play?” Never one to categorize or affiliate himself with any certain style, Danny’s answer is always the same, “Good music”. It’s this attitude that makes Danny’s sets so refreshing to hear. He plays with no musical boundaries, “It all really depends on the mood of the club and what my audience is responding to, after all – I’m playing for them not myself”. Be it Deep House, Electro, Minimal, Tribal all the way to banging Techno, “I don’t discriminate”.

Not willing to view clubbing as just a spectator sport, Danny picked up his first set of turntables in 1994. It was the awe inspiring sets being spun by Junior Vasquez at the infamous West 27th Street club Sound Factory, that Danny drew his first inspiration from, at which point he became obsessed with the art of djing. “There is nothing better than communicating through music, I’ve made it my life”.

While playing regularly in and around New York City, Danny felt it was time to further his education in the music business and did a two-year internship in the A&R department of Clive Davis’ Arista Records. Following the internship, Danny was asked to head up the A&R department of DJ Jellybean Benitez’ dance label. There he exposed the U.S. to such acts like Xpress-2, Italian Techno God – Mauro Picotto, Pasilda, CRW, John “00” Fleming and many more. It was during this time Danny began cutting his teeth in the studio with producer Kemist, scoring two top ten Billboard Dance hits. Not satisfied with the direction the local scene was going in, Danny decided it was time to start concentrating on a more international sound in his productions. In 2003, his single “Snake Charmer” was released on the UK independent powerhouse Hooj Choons label, which turned the island of Ibiza on it’s head with plays by the likes of Steve Lawler on the terrace at Space.

Following up “Snake Charmer” this past year saw two more bombs landing on Clive Henry’s (Peace Division) Low Pressings UK label, “Wicked” and “Digits”. With huge support once again from the worlds biggest DJs and UK radio stations, Kiss-FM and Radio 1, Danny’s presence in the international dance scene is solidified. Fresh off a month long residency in China, Danny has returned to join SR2 Music (formerly Strictly Rhythm) as their new A&R Consultant. In the studio, he’s just finished up a stripped down funky-ass bootleg of Sagat’s club hit “Fuk Dat”, which is making major waves amongst the underground circuit. Dedicated to educating while entertaining fans of his music, Danny sets out to travel the world, sharing his unique and diverse taste in music with anyone willing to listen with an open ear.