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Danny Rampling

London, United Kingdom


Distance D, Positiva
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Rampling is a bonafide dance music visionary; a revolutionary dance music pioneer. Through his legendary club Shoom and, subsequent long-standing associations with Kiss FM and Radio 1, Rampling’s catalyst influence has helped to shape dance music for over 20 years.

As a DJ for Kiss FM, Rampling extended his influence over dance music and the changing attitudes of young London. His influence spread rapidly as he toured worldwide and became a household name through his six year tenure at Radio 1 hosting ‘The Love Groove Dance Party’ and generating sales in excess of one million compilation CDs. As a result he became a brand unto himself, building an international army of fans and a vast array of high caliber business contacts.

In addition to his tour schedule, Rampling developed a major role playing private events for the likes of George Michael, The Pet Shop Boys, Mick Hucknell, Gloria Estefan, Depeche Mode, Patrick Cox, Boy George and programming catwalk soundtracks for the likes of Antonio Beradi.

In 2010 Rampling has announced a summer residency at Aura (Ibiza) and is successfully promoting his club event ‘Atmosphere’ worldwide. ‘Atmosphere’ launched in 2009 with a series of exclusive parties at Paramount (London) and now has expanded worldwide for 2010. In addition to continuing his international DJ schedule, Rampling has tour of the U.S forthcoming and is working in the studio on collaborations with the likes of Mark Wilkinson, Guiessepe Moreno and John Malkin. Rampling’s well established radio presence also continues with regular shows on the biggest dance stations in Mexico and also Barcelona (Spain). Rampling has also sat as a panelist at the 2010 WMC alongside the Director of Music for Oxfam US.

In 2010 Rampling’s success continues unabated along diverse avenues. There has been an extraordinary evolution in consumer choice and lifestyle expectation and Rampling remains at the forefront of these trends retaining a unique awareness that has been the hallmark of his career. In addition to his artistic achievements, his business interests include property, stock trading, personal development, internet marketing and music consultancy. Additionally, Rampling’s acclaimed book ‘Everything You Need To Know About DJing & Success’ – originally launched in 2008 as a downloadable e-book – is to be published for hard copy release in September. To supplement the 350-page book, in which Rampling shares his 20 years experience of the music industry, the hard copy release will include a bonus DVD of hugely inspiring interviews from leading DJ industry figures such as Pete Tong, Joey Negro and David Morales. Rampling has most recently had key interviews published in print for Times Luxx Magazine and online for Defected and Tilllate. He had a feature interview for the Essential Mix.

Rampling is back in the limelight, where he belongs; sharing his passion for music and wealth of his experience as we journey forward through the unprecedented evolution of contemporary culture.