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Dj since 1993, he begins his artistic career making soundproofing and pre-listening at great performances of national level. The union of ambient, electro, deep, house, funky sound contaminations creates a unique music style and a very recognizable timbre in the different dj set he makes.

In 1994 he has his first experience as producer composing a track called “the dream project” on label zac. His need to make music increases through the years and he decides to set up a studio of his own where he can give free play to his imagination.

In 1999 he starts making ambient, funk, lounge and chillout productions confirming the ability to give his peculiar electronic interpretation.

In 2002, with the nickname “twelve”, he produces “identity” on presslab records earning very good reviews from international djs. The project, with deep sounds and funk fragments, shows so interesting to give rise to the remix by tony thomas, included in the official version. In the same year, from the collaboration with dj Alex v. and gabriele sorrentino (guitarist), are born ad/dv (funk) pharma (pseudo lounge) and ukit (jungle) that are included in many compilations produced by the tuscan label comrecords.

In 2003 the collaboration of chantal vanni (voice) joints to the “twelve”. He adds a further peculiarity to the tracks “dream man” and “david you don’t stop”, making himself appreciated also by a lot of musicians of other sectors. The two tracks are included in many compilations.

2004 is a year characterized by the realization of 2 remix of the lp “desert” by pietro riparbelli on “fragments studio”. The collaboration gives birth to a tour in theatres and “social centres”, also recorded for the creation of a dvd.

2005 is a year particularly rich in collaborations with artists and labels. He realizes for com record, “birds”, an ambient track, inserted by covernjact records in some foreign compilations.He also works with the electro-ethnic group tilak to the creation of the experimental track tika, melting sitar sounds with indian vocalism. The piece is very appreciated by different magazines such as “movimentoprog”, “kronic.it”, “mescalina.it,” “rockit.it”, trax 3, “fuori dal mucchio – mucchio selvaggio” “rockerilla n.532’ ’passione alternativa” and in the cd of acid jazz magazine n105. Another important collaboration is born with the world famous dj francesco farfa to the realization of “seaside highways”, a track that will be part of the lp “human bridge”.

At the same time he carries out researches on the minimal concepts of the sound working together with andrew hertz (andrea b) maintaining the influences of the different styles acquired in time. The experiments on sound are based on a wide concept of balance between frequencies and sensations that brings.

in 2006 to the decision of putting into practice the research on music, realizing a rmx on presslablimited in a digital version. The track “changing my style” rmx has achieved widespread support overseas, being inserted in charts.

After new remixes on Presslab’s labels, Panty Hoes – Lovejuice, rock tune in Canada Usa & Brazil, received positive feedback also for the first release on Presslab Limited Musique Parfums togheter Cassino & Laben Remix form a complete minimal-techy sound vision..perfect for actual view.

In march 2007 as it just annunced was released another Ep called Beat Doll, in this case the sonority are more electro associated to influence minimal house. The project was introduced at WMC Miami, a lots of famous international dj’s like Dj Tartan, Pako & Frederic, Sandra collins and much more, had appreciate that. In the second time one of the tracks “Suck The Cumshot” was charted by Ministry Of Sound London.

Genres and influences

Ambient | Minimal | Deep | Psichedelic | electronic | Electro | Funk | Tecno |


Along with music, he works also as a graphic and photographer, cooperating with local labels and artists realizing peculiar graphics.