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  • Majefa. Danny Howells, Hannes Bieger [Live], Steve Parry


    Sat 14th August 11 PM
  • Motion Presents - Danny Howells, Bushwaka + Very Special Guest

    Wav Liverpool

    Sat 20th November 9 PM
  • Bedrock: John Digweed All Night Long, Agoria

    E1 London

    Thu 14th April 10 PM
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“Good things come to those who wait”… an apt saying for Danny Howells, a turntable maestro with ten years experience under his belt. The last two years have seen this Hastings, UK bred talent rise through the ranks. These years of dedication and an unrivalled attention to detail have earned Danny a place among the big boys of the club World.

Born in 1970, Danny Howells was surrounded by good music from day one. His family would play everything from classical to funk to soul and by the age of 19 he started throwing parties called “Totally Funked”. After getting decks he started composing mixed tapes, which resulted in a weekly residency at a local Hastings club called “The Crypt”. In 1992, one of these tapes was given to John Digweed and it landed him a slot at the now famous club “Bedrock” on Hastings Pier alongside John and Pete Tong. This became a successful residency and it led to further residencies such as “Blowup” at Maximus in London.

Danny Howells is one of the few DJs on the scene today that truly has a style of his own. He smoothly glides from dark funky house to techno to progressive while maintaining a fun sensibility. It is a sound developed through playing warm up sets, main sets, alternative sets, playing countless venues, in countless countries the World over. Now, Danny’s own brand of “deesexyfuturistictechfunkhouse” has caught the imagination of the planets dance floors. It is for this reason that Howells is currently a resident at Renaissance (Nottingham, UK) and Twilo (New York) as well a sought after guest for everyone else under the sun.

Danny’s well thought out and meticulously mixed sets have been faithfully captured on his Nocturnal Frequencies series, which debuted in 1999. The third and latest installment of the series will be released in July on Logic 3000/BMG following the success of his Global Underground Nu Breed CD that was released last year. Nocturnal Frequencies 3 will be the first of the series that will be available in the US domestically through Logic US.

Apart from his impeccable mixing, Danny Howells has been very successful in bringing his dance floor aesthetics into the studio. Danny started his producing career with Tim Cross in 1995 and later that year they released their first track, under the moniker Squelch, entitled “Darkhappy” on Confusion Records. Further tracks followed, as well as remix projects for artists such as Robbie Williams, Chakra and Ashtrax. In 1997 Squelch teamed up with jackpot records to release “Crash” and soon after he released the Nightlife Report CD in Holland on I, D & T records.

At this point Danny was playing regularly abroad, picking up attitudes that he translated into tracks with his current studio partner Dick Treavor as Science Dept. Together they have released “Repercussion/Persuasion” on the Bedrock in 2000 and just recently signed an album deal with Renaissance. Their next single “Breathe” which features the soulful vocals of Eririe is already becoming a Radio 1 favorite. The two have another guise, Kinkyfunk, of which the first track has been licensed to Yoshitoshi and is featured on Nocturnal Frequencies 3. Danny has also just completed a track with Dutch wizard Stef (Paco, Stef and Frederick) and there are more killer collaborations on the way with the likes of Funk D’Void, Hipp-E and Halo and John Creamer.