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His official DJ career began in early 2007 and he has since exploded on to the house music scene. In the early days, Danny thought it wise to have something extra in case dj’ing didn’t work out and pursued a degree in kineticiImaging (film, sound and animation) at Virginia Commonwealth University. The final year of his study was inevitably stretched as he juggled his studies with his increasingly hectic schedule, which included music and video production. After completing his studies in kinetic imaging, he fully embraced the DJ calling. Within a matter of weeks he was moving the masses at some of the largest venues in Washington D.C.

He is now a DJ staple not only in Washington D.C but also in some of the most dynamic cities of the world including but not limited to Oslo, Paris, Stockholm, Miami, Richmond, and Virginia Beach.

Danny is a dedicated house music lover, but isn’t imprisoned by a single genre, saying “What makes trance work so well is that it doesn’t stick to one style, and can incorporate groove, minimal, whatever it likes.” Danny House is looking to cement his name into the international house music scene by bringing his contagious sounds to the masses and making them believe what many already know – Danny House Official Truly Is The Sound Of Now.

Since the start of his DJ career in 2009, Danny House has spun all over the world, including Virginia, Washington D.C., Miami, in the United States, and in Oslo, Amsterdam, and Paris overseas. Not to mention spinning in some of the biggest clubs in the world. He is currently working on his first album with all original productions and mixes, and his upcoming world tour. There is really no telling where you will find him next.