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Danny Diggz

Manchester, United States

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DJ Danny Diggz is, and will always be obsessed with music. Despite dabbling in many other forms of creative expression, he’s found his niche; which is undoubtedly making, and re-making custom audio artworks on a regular basis and deejaying live. Though never known for being much of a musician or vocalist his voice can still be heard while emceeing, and music felt, on a nightly basis in bars and clubs from Connecticut to California and abroad as well.

Mid-2007 marked a major milestone for Diggz, as he was personally selected by DJ Sizzahandz of Crooklyn Clan himself to become a featured artist on the world famous website (a.k.a. “The Vault”) Diggz has come a long way and is now ranked #2 artist of all time on the site and ranks top 3 on a monthly basis. With his tracks having been played by top DJ’s such as AM, Vice, & Spider it’s hard to have not heard at least one of his mixes at the club. Additionally, Diggz has been a part of the web team working as site coordinator managing their sister site “Crack4DJ’s”

2008 would grant Diggz another milestone in his career, this time on the press side of things; included Danny in an article due a widely popular Jay-Z / Oasis Mash-Up (“Jackin’ Jay-Z”) bringing his talents to an even larger plateau. The track is now in the Top 10 of all-time on

2009 on has been nothing but furthered success for Diggz who’s now spun all over the US, Canada and even internationally with gigs in far off places such as Shanghai, China! Now having deejayed thousands of gigs from big-room clubs to local bars and all in between spinning music from all genres with ease, Danny Diggz proves to be an incredibly versatile DJ while still maintaining his talent for remix work as well.

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