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Danny C (It)

Rome, Italy

Hardcore / Hard Techno, Techno

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Daniele Capitoli aka DANNY C (“The Italian,” because there are many homonyms in the world, but they play other genres musical), and was born in 1979 in Rome and its history as a DJ began at the age of 12, between ‘92 / ’93, performing at various festivals and private party in small venues near Rome.

He came into contact with the hardcore sound and started DJ-ing in 1993. Up to That time he listened to Hip Hop, House and Techno. His passion for the hardcore only increased When He heard music coming from Germany, Holland and small independent radio stations of Rome.

The influence of electronic music of the ’90 has been very active in his musical tastes, much to push him to “play” with the vinyls from little age.

Therefore he started very soon to play, and while he for have the chance to play in front of an audience and to listen to his favorite music, began organize “get-togethers” for the weekend without even imagine that very soon will organize events of considerable size in his city and in its surroundings.

In the ’95 manages to obtain a small space in a small independent radio station BBS Master Radio 94.1 FM where program had complete freedom and where he pass on what he wanted and preferred. Own in those years thanks to the broadcasts of independent stations like this that was spreading the more underground and less commerciale music in Rome and in Italy, and the development for ravers from us in Italy, came from this.

In Rome there had just been the boom of the rave partys which soon influenced the entire peninsula, but in Italy, unlike the rest of Europe, it is known that the rave parties have come to develop initially only as a hyper-organized events with only purpose of trying to imitate it somehow what was happening outside our borders, but with the only result of created a clear separation between of the people. Consequently to these began to proliferate in Rome and surrounding areas, many illegal parties. And it is precisely in the mid ’90, with the explosion of the illegal raves, that Danny can be known and respected for the selection and for technique of mixing, become able to make their way in the world of nightclubs, also because to being available to occupy halls and lounges “to fill” (often happened that Danny played because the “great” artists who we were supposed to play were not present…).

Already in his early youth he participate in the main parts of the capital, such as: Emergency Rave (1999), 5 and 7 years of Virus, Megarave in Rome in 2000, Gabber Game 2 and Gabber Game 3, at various Deep Impact, Plastik 5, Tek Kore-Partys, and many others, and has had the opportunity and the honor to play with Italians and international artists considered today among the greats in the world (Tommyknocker, Noize Suppressor, DJ Mad Dog, Walter One, Impulse Factory, Randy, The Stunned Guys, Komprex, The Dark Raver, Rotterdam Terror Corps, Dj Paul Elstak, Detest, Satronica, Gabba from Berlin, Qualkommando, etc.).

In 2000, with a Roland MC-505, had the opportunity of exit with “b2”, his first track on vinyl on a small label independent roman techno (Audiobahn Rec.).

Thus began to participate and collaborate for organization of situations “party dance” in every where, in apartments, in the garages, in wine cellars, in the show-rooms, until then it only to for woods, or abandoned factories and warehouses.

Convinced to give a name and an identity to the group, that could organise illegal Hardcore events in the capital with more success, he created the “Other Sounds Crew” in 2005 – the first and real, and perhaps the most incisive Hardcore crew of Italy.

In the years to follow the italian rave scene turns and deviates entirely from the club (approximately between 1995 and 2005). This in favor of new situations in support of the free partys, where Danny stands out as among the top promoters of hardcore scene which usually in Italy this genres was more often relegated to clubs, whereas at free partys is the Tekno at dominate.

Danny has “slowed down” the production during the attainment of his Bachelor’s degree in food technology.

With the time, Danny evolves his personal approach at turntables and from simple dj “of club” and therefore good musical grader becomes an experimenter, technician and total manipulator of discs becoming a real Turntablist DJ.

From 2011 Danny looking to participate in various dj contest, including the only noteworthy is the “DJ CLASS CONTEST” in Genoa, where Danny manages to get first place.

Today Danny he is a well-established part of the hardcore/industrial/experimental scene Italian.

His musical influences, regardless of the order, are primarily by great artists such as: Lenny Dee, The Outside Agency, Ruffneck, Laurent Ho, DJ Promo, Aphex Twin, DJ Hellfish, The DJ Producer, Micron, The Destroyer, Noisekick, Radium, Micropoint, Noize Creator, I:Gor, Detest, The Sickest Squad, Walter One, Tommyknocker, Noize Suppressor, Neophyte, Lory D, Prodigy, Anthony Rother, Bogdan Raczynsky, Goetia, just to name a few …

Acquired a rich wealth of experience in the world of djing and of entertainment (at witness numerous appearances in almost all principal Hardcore parties organised in Rome and as well numerous mixtapes he produced (tapes and cd mixed), recorded and mixed, and then he realizes that it’s time to try to produce something personal.

Danny, after also the meeting with “Fire at Work”, in 2009, decided to give life to a label own and creates the “Kore Brain Records”, born from the need to be free and not tied to the decisions of other “clichés” of music or from decisions of other people or labels that often do not believe fully in projects of small artists, or are not willing at the risk.

The first production becomes a real classic (“Polyhedric”), which exceeds the 400 copies on vinyls sold in world, an astronomical number for a Hardcore / experimental project especially in times where the vinyl does not go anymore, and that encourage Danny to produce later the KB001.

The releases, exit until now seems to have been to your liking, but given the results apparently are not negative so I infer that my ideas have been incorporated in the best of manners.

In recent years he has rediscovered his passion for the “classic dj” specialising in electronic music in General, but without abandoning its role as terrorist kickdrum selector, ready for any dance-situetion.

He expresses a style hardcore/industrial and a selection dark from the modern technical characters,for inflaming often the best parties and always maintaining high temperature of dancefloors.