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Danny Benedettini

Berlin, Germany


Items & Things, Memento Records
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Raised in a small town by the sea in Italy, Danny Benedettini recently moved to Berlin – His recent debut gig for the Items & Things label party at Watergate was full of bravado, and just a few short days later, his new EP was confirmed with the German label.

Back home, he grew up with a strong love for punk rock music, horror films, and was fascinated by everything that embraced a sort of solemn gloominess. From dark disco of the 80’s to the beautiful Palm Desert Scene and films produced by Llyod Kaufmann. His sound is refined, and always eclectic – the “Tell Me Quietly” debut on Items & Things spans the genres of disco-tech, techno, and nu-disco with an almost industrial underpinning.

According to Benedettini, “…I guess everything that happens in ordinary life is inspiring. I mean, just look at what remains when the fundamental rules of our society fail. Each of us has to go through some sort of melancholy forest at least once in life. Sometimes its hard to understand what is real & what isn’t, what’s scary versus funny…And sometimes its better to just stay in the darkness for awhile & observe life quietly.”