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Every trance addict must have had at least three moments in his life where he got in touch with the exhilarating sounds of Danjo. The Dutch born Danjo Raijer has created a mass hysteria on the dance floors worldwide, serving the audience with majestic anthems like “Everlast”, “Duende”, and “What Lies Ahead” (with Rob Styles). Nowadays, Danjo is mainly focusing on captivating solo tracks like “As The Tables Turn” and he has much more in store…

His productions were initially noticed by Armin Van Buuren, who signed Danjo (& Styles) to his major Armada imprint in 2003. Their profile continued to skyrocket when they launched their alter-ego, “Primer”. The second release for this project, “Everlast”, was an instant classic that is still being playlisted by artists all over the world, and is a guaranteed hands-in-the-air hit on the dance floor.

The dynamic DJ / producers started to receive a plethora of enquiries for remix projects, resulting in a wide range of well-known productions like Tiësto’s “Adagio For Strings” remix, Jones & Stephenson’s all-time classic, “The First Rebirth”, and Chakra’s massive, “Love Shines Through”.

All these releases and remixes led to a wide variety of bookings and a lot of stamps in Danjo’s passport: from Malaysia to Spain and the United Kingdom to Romania, the Dutchman has been everywhere and his tracks have been selected for more than 100 different compilation albums!

From 2008 Danjo continued his career as a solo artist, starting off the year with a bang playing at a booming NYE event on the other side of the globe in Auckland, New Zealand.

Danjo’s first solo release, “As The Tables Turn”, came at the end of February 2008. It was released on one of Holland’s biggest electronic dance music labels, “High Contrast. The track firmly lodged itself in the record box of many major DJ’s such as, Armin van Buuren, Paul Van Dyk, and Ferry Corsten to name a few, slipping it in their sets. The success of the record in the Middle East led to several booking requests from this part of the world and a very special summer gig in Lebanon’s capital, Beirut.

As a DJ, he has really made a name for himself opening on the High Contrast Stage at the legendary Trance Energy event (more than 35.000 visitors!) in 2009.

The producing skills continued to flow with Danjo revising “Duende” (considered an all time favourite in the scene), giving it fresh life with a superb new guitar remix. It was another release on High Contrast’s Nu Breed sister label for Danjo and another record to do a “hat-trick” on Armin’s highly popular “A State of Trance” radio show.

For now, brand new productions on labels like “Liquid Recordings” and Tiësto’s “In Trance We Trust” are in the pipeline for this trance maestro and it should be quite clear that there is another Dutch star ready to rock the stages. Supported by all major artists in the scene, 2010 is certainly set to be a good year for Danjo!

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Original Productions:

Danjo & Andrew Shartner – It Is Written [Flashover] 2010

Danjo & aXess – Captivity [In Trance We Trust] 2010

Danjo & JPL – Ages [Liquid] 2010

Danjo & Styles – Duende (La Vuelta) [New Remixes] [High Contrast Nu Breed] 2008

Danjo – As The Tables Turn [High Contrast Nu Breed] 2008

Danjo & Styles – What Lies Ahead [High Contrast] 2006

Danjo & Styles vs. DJ Governor – Forest E.P. [Captivating Sounds Armada] 2006

Danjo & Styles present Primer – Morgana / Skywalker [Progrez] 2005

Primer – The Silver Lining [Mondo] 2005

Primer – Everlast [Progrez] 2004

DJ Danjo & Rob Styles – Duende [ID&T] 2004

Primer – Indulge / The Silver Lining [Progrez] 2003

DJ Danjo & Rob Styles – Aragon [Captivating Sounds Armada] 2003

DJ Danjo & Rob Styles – Anticipating / State of Thrust [Silver Premium] 2002

DJ Danjo & Rob Styles – Witness [Tri-Lamb] 2002

DJ Danjo – Smokin’ E.P. [Buckle Up] 2000


Marninx – Remorse (Danjo Remix) [Well Mixed] 2010

Chakra – Love Shines Through (Danjo & Styles remix) [Captivating Sounds Armada] 2006

Jones & Stephenson – The First Rebirth 2006 (Danjo & Styles vs. Primer remix) [Bonzai Classics] 2006

Jones & Stephenson – The First Rebirth 2006 (Danjo & Styles vs. Primer remix) [G-tracks] 2006

Arizona vs. Passiva – Halo (Danjo & Styles remix) [Dedicated Special Repress] 2006

PG2 – Forum Of Love (Danjo & Styles remix) [TCR] 2006

Epos – Vivagio (Danjo & Styles remix) [Tsushima UK] 2005

Fire & Ice – Let There Be Light (Danjo & Styles vs. Primer remix) [Fourty-5 Banshee] 2005

Activa – Release Me (Danjo & Styles remix) [Enhanced] 2005

Arizona vs. Passiva – Halo (Danjo & Styles remix) [Dedicated] 2005

Tiësto – Adagio For Strings (Danjo & Styles remix) [Magik Muzik] 2005

DJ Ernesto – In Me (Danjo & Styles remix) [Altitude] 2005

Oliver Prime – Mind Games (Danjo & Styles remix) [Reset] 2005

Signum – Come Around Again (DJ Danjo & Rob Styles remix) [ASOT Limited] 2004

The Shove Brothers – Paranoia (DJ Danjo & Rob Styles remix) 020 2004

Jas van Houten – Heaven’s Gate (DJ Danjo & Rob Styles remix) [Mitsuoko] 2003

Jas van Houten – Heaven’s Gate (DJ Danjo & Rob Styles remix) [Silver Premium] 2002

Carlos – The Silmarillia (DJ Danjo remix) [Karma] 2001

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