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Montreal, Canada


Danika Beatport


Hailing from Montreal, Dj Danika now 34 has not only begun to turn heads locally, but internationally as well. Being Canadas newest talent to have emerged, with a delightful and respected recognition. "There is a conscious effort not to sound like anything else, " asserts Danika, whose complex character is reflected in the diversity of her creative output. Danika makes her own music as well with an upcoming CD called Worship me. " Music is my way of being in the world".

Her music a blend of disco, electro with a rock edge to it.

The Canadian born artist was initiated into the universe of late night clubbing in 1990, devoted Business nightclub goer & after hours fan. Over the past ten years she honed her business skills as a special event coordinator, lending art direction & logistic management know-how to such events as Dance for life parties ( Groove Society, Sona, Playground), concert room tributes ( Studio 54 with special guest Gloria Gaynor at the Metropolis), theme nights at the infamous Nightbox, House of Blues events in Toronto. Her underground dance music interests continued to run in tangent with her commercial event planning work as she largely succeeded in crossing the dance club aesthetics over to the mainstream.

In 1998, Danika began her photography career, covering major events in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver. Her work has been sold, exhibited and published in several Dance oriented magazines. Her photos include those of: Felix the House cat, Danny Tanaglia, Mark Anthony, Deep dish, Mistress Barbara, Paul Oakenfold, Carl Cox, live acts such as Olive, Analog Pussy, Funky green dogs…to name only a few. Needless to say the immersion into house clubs heightened her passion for the music.

Inspired by the world class artists she would photograph, in 1999 Danika decided that deejaying was the way to go.

Since then she worked with house music diva Marie X, shared the decks with Proton Radio founder Steven Caceido, played clubs in Montreal ( Bluroom, Sisters, Mhotel, Nuevo, Jello Bar, Insomnia, Quartier pub latin, Ubisoft party, Jello Bar, Parking Lounge, Pino Lounge, Roxy night club, La SAT, U Lounge, Stereo Bar, France //Paris (le VIP night club) and Cancun (La Boom) still while continuing to coordinate major corporate & nightclub events.

Danika’s history demonstrates a restless adventurous spirit that was installed in early life. This spirit continues to drive her work. Her newest projects are DBASSICKS wich is a live band act including electric guitars, drums and some crazy violin.

The other, DBASS PROJECT, a collaboration between artists from all over the globe using the world wide web to produce music, represents the latest chapter in her musical direction and crystallizes many diverse influences. Her sets ranging from electro, deep, instrumental & soulful house to pumping west coast vocal tracks.

Danika’s flawless mixing skills and unmistakable programming make her one of most promising DJ/Producer

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