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In the late 80', Danijel got tired on the musicscene in stockholm. Spinning hip-hop and funk was not like it used to be. A hard and arogant atmosphere had rise in the capit... read more
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In the late 80’, Danijel got tired on the musicscene in Stockholm. Spinning hip-hop and funk was not like it used to be. A hard and arogant atmosphere had rise in the capital. Motivated to find something refreshing Danijel found housemusic and eventually techno. The second problem at that time was that there where no venues that played this new dance craze. So in the mid of 1990, Danijel and some friends desided to throw a party. Soon there where more to follow and in the beginning of 1991 Danijel opened his first club, called “Bleep Waxine”. 1991-1993 was pretty good times for the scene in Stockholm. Danijel spun at most locations, and made various parties and clubs. Then in the fall of 1993 the government desided they wanna stop techno. Motivation: To druginfluenced. Hard times followed. The last really big event Danijel pulled off before the government kicked back was the sequel in a warehouse concept, called “Age of love”. Sick and tired of bad press and militant police efforts Danijel whent to Berlin to play on E-Werk, one of the best respected clubs at this time. In Berlin Danijel got approached by an agency that from now on would handle all his bookings outside of his homecountry. Back in Sweden Danijel desides to move to Gothenburg and focus more on his producing. From 1994-1996 Danijel lives in Gothenburg. He’ producing for Cari Lekebusch label Hybrid Productions and spinning at various clubs and events, both domestic and abroad. Still full of energy he can’t really let go of the idea of being a promotor. He runs some clubs and trows some parties before he desides that Gothenburg is to small and moves down to Berlin in ‘96. In Berlin he meets a Dynamix, a internatinal agency that handles dj’ and dance acts. He joins. He becomes resident at Tresor, the most well known techno club in the world. He starts a club together with his sexophone partner Niklas Mascher, called 1200 that runs for 18 month, every week. They start a bigger club called Flake that runns once a month, and can hold 2000 people. In the summer of 1999 Danijel desides to go home to Sweden again. He is more into producing again so he chooses to take it easy with the gigs for some time. But you can be sure that he will be out on the road again when he got some new 12" in his luggage.


Danijel Alpha