Daniela La Luz is a live act, producer and co-owner of the record label ´Parallel Berlin´. Her track "Did You Ever" was recently featured on Moodyman's DJ mix for "DJ Kick... read more
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Daniela La Luz is a live act, producer and co-owner of the record label ´Parallel Berlin´. Her track “Did You Ever” was recently featured on Moodyman’s DJ mix for “DJ Kicks” on K7. In the last two years Danielas productions made it into the record bags of high profile DJ´s such as Laurent Garnier, Sven Väth, Moodymann, Ken Ishii, DVS1, Guy Gerber, tINI, Dana Ruh, Solomun and Marcel Dettmann. In 2015 ´Feel The Future´ was featured on tINI´s DJ mix for Cocoon.

In 2002 Daniela started engineering studies at the university in Munich, then switched to communication design studies, wanted to become a doctor, then a cook. After the whole journey, in the end, her passion to create and play music was stronger then anything else. After six years playing in bands, as singer, songwriter and multi instrumentalist, she returned in 2008 to electronic music. With an incredible rich background of different styles of music, Daniela has created a personal style that defines her sound, playing hot and pumping live sets and always integrating her own vocals into her sets and productions. Daniela´s sets and productions expand the boundaries of understanding house and techno music to new horizons. Due to her massive output in music production, Daniela´s repertoire of pieces in her live set is huge and makes it easy for her to adapt spontaneously to current moods of house or techno and it´s shades.

2010 marked one of the initial sparks in Daniela´s young musical career and gave her upwind to continue creating electronic music. Her production Elle Routine (Original Mix) won the QWARTZ 6 Electronic Music Award in the category “Dancefloor & Clubbing” in Paris (FR), among artists such as Laurie Anderson, Alejandro Jodorovsky, Gudrun Gut, Apparat, Alec Empire, the ancestors of Pierre Schaeffer, François Bayle and others.

Beside the release of two albums and several EP´s, tracks and remixes on labels like Rawax, Housewax, Chiwax, Cocoon, Souvenir Records and more.

Since Daniela is an passionate and addicted producer and music lover, the future looks bright!

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