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Daniela Haverbeck

Santiago, Chile

Hardcore / Hard Techno, Techno

2 Side Records, Adult Records, AN (Japan)
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Daniela Haverbeck is, nowadays, one of the most versatile and active latinamerican dj/producer on the international scene, producing and playing a variety of styles, working on different musical projets.

Perfectionist and hard worker, she made a name for herself after almost ten years behind the decks, five European Tours (between 2005 and 2008), and among consecutives gigs in America. She was one of the first Hard Techno´s ambassador in America, and also one of the first southamerican female Hard Techno dj rocking the European dancefloors.

Defqon1, Mysteryland Festival, Decibel Outdoor, Thunderdome, Club Rude Awakening, and Love Parade Chile, are some of the events where the Chile´s biggest Hard Techno export has been playing.

Working with the prestigious Dutch label/agency: The Third Movement, she has been playing at the largest events and festivals through Europe.

Her fast and energetic performance with the mixer, her music productions, and her respected Techno label, Subsequent, have been positioned her as one of the most important oldschool Hard Techno female Dj on the circuit.

People that had the chance to watch her performing, already known that on her sessions, they will enjoy massive tracks, high skills, and dark beats; the same quality they can find on her Techno and Hard Techno productions, released on many recognized labels as Gobsmacked, Subsequent, Naked Lunch, G-Not, Giveway…

Hard work, selfmade, strength, faith, indepence, evolution, challenges… These words represents her career, based only on her talent and professionalism. Travelling alone around the world, flowing with the life, trusting in the music, and following her heart: nothing gonna stop her.