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Daniel Sanchez

Amsterdam, Netherlands

House, Techno

100% Pure, 8BIT, Area Remote
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BIOGRAPHY Daniel Sanchez

Daniel Sanchez

Without a doubt, greatness had to emerge from DJ/producer/labelboss Daniel Sanchez. The Amsterdam based artist with Spanish roots was always about thinking forward, creating a buzz with every project he started. From making waves in the early 21st century Amsterdam nightlife to headlining gigs at the biggest events and festivals around the world, Sanchez has grown out to be a familiar force in nowadays electronic music.

Considered to be one of the most headstrong artists in the Dutch music scene, Daniel Sanchez has created a world of his own. After a series of legendary DJ-gigs in the underground technoscene of Amsterdam he quickly popularised his own events from scratch: Rotzooii, the popular boat party Mr Stubnitz and Bla Bla were parties where the best of techno, house and minimal was brought together, gaining an openminded audience like Sanchez himself always had it in mind.

Afer this, his career really took off. More gigs abroad, peak performances at events like Awakenings, Nature One, Time Warp, A Day At The Park and Welcome To The Future, tours through Europe as well as North and South America, and of course a hit record with ‘Mumbling Yeah’ which dominated clubs and festivals troughout ’07 and ’08.

Bla Bla

And then there was Bla Bla, at first an event, but soon also a record label and booking agency where same spirited artists were brought together. But as Sanchez’ popularity increased, also Bla Bla became a household name for diverse and creative dance music. Following his personal career, the imprint went global; several showcases were held around Europe while artists at the label did worldwide gigs.

After his first album Untitled Concept (released under the guise Gimikk) was put out on renowned label Remote Area in 2009, Sanchez successfully released a sequel in 2011 on his own Bla Bla Records. On this album, aptly titled Cirkel, he fused sounds like minimal and dub to one mesmarizing listening trip.

“At this moment, there’s a perfect balance”, Sanchez explains. “The record label, the music, the gigs, the agency and my personal career, it all helps each other to gain strength. That’s why I want to branch this out into a more international appealing brand. It would be cool to get the feeling and atmosphere I stand for across music scenes around the world.”

Typically Sanchez, he has a clear vision, exactly knowing which path he wants to follow. “Dance music is a wide open market. I saw this during my tours in America, the audience and media attention is growing. t now, they still combine dance music with hiphop and R’n’B influences, but it’s only a matter of time before the straight up house music gets big as well. I’d like to be part of that, lift the underground sounds I love so much to a broad audience.”

New chapter

So, a new chapter in the career of Daniel Sanchez has begun. On one hand there are still his always soldout Bla Bla parties in one of Amsterdams hottest clubs Studio 80, on the other hand Sanchez is working with big international events who acknowledge his view on where dance music is going. Meanwhile he keeps releasing music (most recently on Richie Hawtins Plus 8 imprint) and staying ahead technically. After being the first DJ in Holland to use the Xone 3-D and 4-D mixer, he’s now working on a special software controller for the iPad, presenting an app later this year.

“It all feels so good”, he says. “I’m conquering new territory, musically and technically, while staying true to myself. That’s the best place to be as an artist, making the future more interesting than ever.” Headstrong as always, Daniel Sanchez is now taking his influence to greater lenghts. From mumbling to full power of speech, he’s come a long way indeed.