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They were difficult times in the Argentina of the 80s, with an economic crisis that somehow it impeded the emergence of the electronic music movement, while in other countr... read more
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They were difficult times in the Argentina of the 80s, with an economic crisis that somehow it impeded the emergence of the electronic music movement, while in other countries it was a revolution. In that context, Daniel Malagoli was raised, listening foreign music, as Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, Erasure, and New Order. In those years, also, was born the first radio station of electronic music of Argentina, the acquaintance Z-95, and that Daniel, as many others, he listened during the whole day. That influence was very important for him, since never he had interest in any other music that was not electronic, since he was 6 years old, and he listened to the musical soundtracks of television programs of the time, with themes of Jean-Michel Jarre. From those years, their dreams were based on things related with this music, from making a radio program, as being electronic musician, to be Dj, and to make parties. One day, it was rediscovered with a former partner of the school that allowed him, in 1995, to carry out their first electronic party. One year later, in 1996, after knocking many doors, he is called by speaker Andrea Díaz Boglioli to be part of a radio program of Electronic Music: “HIGHER TECH” in FM Moreno Shopping Center, with great success, is for that reason that this way, in the same year he was called by the owner of the radio station to be the speaker of “MUSIC FOR BOYS”, only program of radio dedicated to diffuse all the styles of the electronic music, including TECHNO-POP, INDUSTRIAL, ELECTRO, HOUSE, TECHNO and TRANCE. With that same concept, and by the middle of 1996, he decides to create the CLUB DEL TECHNO, which would become the only grouping of lovers of the electronic music of the Argentina that today counts with more than 6000 partners. In 1999, creates the Web Site CLUB DEL TECHNO ON LINE, and its own printed magazine: TECNOCULTURA. It was an success, and that gave place to the very well-known today RAVES CLUB DEL TECHNO, in those that Daniel Malagoli carried out his task of Manager of Djs and Musicians. Their compositions like musician are mainly TECHNO, TRANCE and SYNTH POP with great emphasis in the melodies, and in potent rhythmic bases, dedicated to generate impact in the dance floor. Their sets like Dj are mainly TRANCE, EBM, and POP SYNTH, music made with machines a hundred percent. For DANIEL MALAGOLI, people in the dance floor should not be still, it is for that reason that his sets doesn’t have ups and downs, they are potent, well for Rave parties. On the other hand, their sets like Dj in Clubs and Discotheques, and like resident, it traffic for all the styles of the electronic music, including ELECTRO, HOUSE, TECH-HOUSE, PROGRESSIVE and TECHNO, among others. 2001 will be a great year, in August, Daniel Malagoli is interviewed by the most important newspaper in Argentina: “Clarín”, for a documentary dedicated to show Argentinean producers that mark tendency in this country, and in November, is called by the authorities of the more important electronic music radio station of Argentina:Energy 101, to carry out the last rave of the millennium, it is also called for the event Dreams, in the disco BUENOS AIRES NEWS, at the time that carried out more Rave Parties, with the presence, among other, of the Dj CARLOS RUIZ (chosen by Dj Tiesto in Thirst 2003 as the best Dj in Argentina) and of the electronic musicians pioneers of the Argentina: EL SIGNO. 2003 and 2004 are fruitful years that they find DANIEL MALAGOLI called by clubs and rave parties like “MELODIC RAVE”, “Barrancas Groove Connection” (Rave carried out next to the Paraná river) “Euphoria” (Rave carried out on a ship navigating) La Cigale, Middawn Club, and again Buenos Aires News, among others. In that year also, he throws their Web Site like DJ, and today he is preparing a new rave, with 5 dance floors. He is also at the moment receiving Demos of electronic musicians, to throw their first label: CLUB DEL TECHNO DISCOS, for half-filled of 2005.