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Dani Perez


Psy-Trance, Trance


Born in the Puerto Barrios, Guatemala, Dani was bitten by the music bug in the summer of 1989.

When Dani was 7 years old, his parents introduced him to his first musical instrument, the flute. Dani’s talent was recognized at a very young age. He later joined a few local orchestras and was granted the honor of being the leader in some of them! Not bad for a seven year old kid in a third world country. It was later on in life that Dani became interested in the electronic side of music. Eventually he was introduced to the electronic side of music by a friend and ever since then he has been addicted to it. After attending his first massive rave in a small Houston warehouse in 1999, Dani got his first exposure to the powerful sounds of Goa trance and the awesome grooves of hard electro music. Having initially thought that all electronic dance music was poppy mainstream garbage with cookie-cutter vocals and simplistic chord progressions, Dani’s first exposure to the deep, dark, driving, yet remarkably uplifting sound of Trance quite literally opened up a whole new world for him. As his music collection drifted more and more away from hip-hop, it eventually grew with 12"singles by such artist that the majority of the people on that side of Texas had never heard of. So grew his love for the sounds of Trance music, the emotion and energy of trance literally transformed Dani.

Summer of 2006, Dani was introduced to a local DJ who is known as DJ Dez aka Daniel Sanchez.

Dj Dez has been a long time underground Dj who primarily worked Houston since the early year of 2001. Being a long time fan of Goa trance himself it did not take much for the two boys to quickly become good friends. The man delivers such euphoric energy while behind the decks, that it has been proven to burst speakers in flames. His live sets are original and flawless. Dj Dez has yet a remarkably strong background of being a drummer, its no wonder the two boys decided to take trance to the next level.

The man became influenced by such artist as “Cosmic man & System F”. Dj Dez is no stranger behind the decks when it came to Goa trance music. He knows his material right down to the last detail bpm. Both of the boys quickly became good friends and shared their thoughts and ideas about making good trance music. Since summer of 2006 the two boys decided to work together on Djing & producing trance tracks. The boys decided to combine their love for trance and formed an alliance

Ever since summer of 2006 the boys have been known as