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DJ/Producer Dani Konig has been at the forefront of the Swiss Dance scene since 1980 claiming residencies in most of Zurich' most-reveled clubs. Konig ruled the turntable s... read more
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DJ/Producer Dani Konig has been at the forefront of the Swiss Dance scene since 1980 claiming residencies in most of Zurich’ most-reveled clubs. Konig ruled the turntable scene-a star at such famous nightspots as Big Apple, Pasedena, Mascotte, Roxy, and Flamingo-where he gained critical acclaim as one of Switzerland’ lords of the Acid scene. Dani’ reputation as a trend-setter and his innumerable praises lead to his being asked to program the National Swiss Radio DRS 3 (Let’ Dance) for a 5 year period.

Since 1993 Konig has had a weekly residence at Kaufleuten Club in Zurich. Kaufleuten Club is Switzerland’ most famous House club.Dani’ mix-CD compilation Konigreich, which was released on Energetic Records was a massive seller in Switzerland and it’ success served to broaden his fan-base immensly as well as other European countries such as the UK and Germany. Soon thereafter, he found himself playing in nearly every major club in the country as well as every important Mega-Rave (Cubik 95 & 97, Energy 95, 96 & 98, Evolution 3, 4 & 6, and many more).

As his ratings soared, Dani began to produce his own tracks which were featured on the Streetparade ‘95 compilation, The Future Sound of Zurich, The Sonic Empire and more. Konig’ collaboration with Commander Tom resulted in “Koenig de Luxe” – which was instrumental is breaking him into the UK scene through Noom UK.

In 1998 Dani was signed to Germany’ Kosmo Records, where his remixing prowess was put to use on Phil Fuldner’ “The Final”, which enabled the track to climb to the top of the European Charts and remain there for many weeks. Konig’ “Disco 3000” was also selected as the title track for The Kosmonauts Vol.1 – The Sound of Kosmo Records. This compilation album is the first full-length release on New York-based and BMG-distributed Logic 3000 and hits US retail outlets in February. The album also features tracks from other Kosmo artists Da Hool, Novy vs. Eniac, DJ Tomcraft, Phil Fuldner, and Nalin. Logic has high hopes for developing Dani Konig and the rest of the talented Kosmo posse as artists in the US. Dani’ “Disco 3000” was a sales Top 5 “Breakout” in Billboard for the December 19th issue and the video began rotation on MTV’ AMP in January.