Was always addicted to music and first made contact with psychedelic trance in 1998. Three years later, realizing his favorite sounds were missing at parties, he evolved into a DJ. Since then he has played at numerous parties, both, in Hungary and outside. Around 2000, along with a couple of friends, he founded the Hungarian psyportal,, which is now the recognized central Hungarian site for psychedelic trance. He has been instrumental in developing the local Hungarian scene by bringing in foreign artists and has played at most major parties. Bubbling with ideas, in 2001, along with his Indian friend Roopak- who had recently moved to Paris from Budapest- he founded the first and so far only Hungarian psychedelic label- Procyon Records.

Leap onto Danger’s trademark stream of melodic soundbytes! Hypnotic or uplifting, his melodies fly you to another level of sonic existence by raiding your senses with nervetwanging nighttime or mindmarauding morning alike. Do you dare to dance dangerously?