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Electro House, House

AKA: Franck Rivoire

1789, Alpha9 Records, Audio Massacre Recordings
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The Danger phenomenon can’t be missed: over a million plays on myspace, a vinyl sold out in 3 weeks and chosen as Itunes USA single of the week, over 15,000 tracks digitally sold, a hundred amazing live shows in Paris, New York or even Tokyo, as well as many catchy remixes including Estelle featuring Kanye West, Sébastien Tellier, Midnight Juggernauts and Empire Of The Sun.

Two years ago, Danger aka Franck Rivoire, was merely a young and unknown producer. Thanks to his first EP, 09/14/2007, he quickly became a key figure of the new French electro scene. So why stop there?

A year and a half after the release of his first EP, he returns with a new one. True to his initial concept (all his tracks are defined by hours, which are, according to him, as evocative as feelings) and flavored by varied emotions, this new EP embodies the best of Danger’s productions – dynamism, surprising structures, sought textures – and displays a wider sound palette. His personal artwork is omnipresent throughout his work, just as his videos are interlocked to his productions. More than mere music, Danger, who was strongly influenced by videogames as a teenager, creates a full-fledged universe where these elements interact and complement each other.

He admits that the “Danger sound” has evolved : calmer and more melodic, less saturated and compressed. His EP opens on « 88:88 », an original atmospheric and epic waltz, « 07:46 », eyes a thriller soundtrack and is coupled with breaks and bleeps worthy of a descendant of Aphex Twin during the “Window Licker” era. Going back to his first love, the production of hip-hop tracks, he invites the American rapper Vyle for a gripping featuring. As for the remixes, they begin with a Danger self-remix, ideal for dancefloors and the blogosphere; the second one is signed EAT, a duo from Berlin close to Luciano and Villalobos, hosted by the label Diamond and Pearls; the last one comes from Japan, and was concocted by the buzzing Japanese trio 80kidz.

What’s next? A third EP and an album out this year! Rest assured, the best is yet to come.