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Growing up in a little town jamming out to dance music while others mocked his style, Dang ignored and stayed true to his roots. Being influenced by hip hop culture and breaking, one thing stood out that left him with questions DJing. It would only be a matter of time before this kid learned the secrets of gaining his skills. Starting out by rocking local parties with Traktor was just his stepping stone. A goal to evolve into a devastating DJ came to mind when he picked up his first pair of CDJs at 17. Days and nights were spent honing his skills while sweat and mind was put into toning his sound. In a short time of 2 years Dang was let out to be tested without question. Being able to impress his peers and rock his crowd with great satisfaction, this DJ brings nothing but the best to the table. With a blend of beats from the 509 to the 541 you can catch him serving up the freshest beats of breakz with a twizt of housie goodness to get yo booty rockin. Dang’s only goal is to control his crowd with majestic melodies and to keep people saying DANG!