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Digital musician Daniel Lobel, otherwise known as Danalog, has been tinkering with beats and noises since the tender age of 13…

Now, 27 , he’s producing a finely crafted fusion of Techno, Progressive and House that’s all a blend as unique as Danalog himself.

Born in Israel, raised in Zimbabwe, and now based in Cape Town, Danalog pulls on his diverse roots to carve a sound portfolio that touches on all different moods and atmospheres, from the dark and trippy to the uplifiting and energetic, Adding his dose of magic with a fine attention to detail… He says: “My styles and moods change from track to track, all depending on what I’m feeling at the time.”

As a DJ for the last six years, Danalog is no stranger to whomping dancefloors, and has played all the mega SA festivals including; Earthdance, Alien Safari, Rezonance, Origin Festival, and Fu-Cha (JHB). He also throws down regular nights at some of Cape Town’s hottest clubs and events.

Plug in to this mysterious maestro for production that is as crisp, as it is off-the-wall, Revel in his quirky grooves, bouncy basslines and chunky percussion. With a solid motto of ‘innovate don’t imitate’, you can expect big things from Danalog; from more banging releases and dancefloors to dominate.