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DJ Dan has been on the cutting edge of forward thinking dance tracks for over 18 years. As one of the pioneers of the west coast explosion throughout the 90s to the present day wave of electro and indie dance, DJ Dan continues to push the envelope as he brings to you his long awaited debut artist album entitled Future Retro.

To celebrate Dan’s 20th anniversary in music, he decided to create something special, one vantage point looking back and paying homage to where we have come, and another looking to the future of where we are going. Based in 2 parts “Future” and “Retro”, its a culmination of all things great on the dance floor, fusing classic dance tracks with Dan’s unique blend of funky driving electro; A musical journey that spans the infamous past, present, and looks to the future of electronic music, from Mr. Fingers to Phuture to Frankie Knuckles to Midnight Star…Chicago to Detroit to San Francisco to New York City and back again.

Future Retro is much more than just an album; it’s a way of thinking, an idea, and most importantly a community. FR is a place for any and all music enthusiasts to come and share experiences, thoughts, content. FR is an open stream of consciousness, a place where people can interact with other like-minded individuals, and a forum to share ideas, perspectives, and content from the past…present…and future of music.