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Years before the term fusion became a buzzword in artistic circles, it defined the essence of Dan Freeman’s work. As an artist who spent equals parts of his life in Europe and North America and who travels extensively, Freeman understands that the sound of cultural heritage and the vibe of modern life blend to define us in the present. Listening to ‘Balkan Promises’ reveals the sensibility with which he weaves native influences from the Balkans with the fresh tech-house sound, resulting in a smooth balance of the two seemingly idiosyncratic worlds. This track – released by Polytechnic Recordings – is the springboard for Freeman’s current work. This new creation reinvents the sound of the forgotten traditional instruments, giving them a new life and meaning in the new, contemporary context.

Over the past decade, Dan Freeman performed at, and absorbed the vibe of, international club meccas by playing with some of the most globally recognizable acts. Strengthening his international dance circuit reach, the Italian label Eclectic Records sought to release his music productions with a ‘Forty-Two EP’. As well as the Toronto Generation Recordings invited him to remix Paranoid Jack & Julien Loreto’s Fatal Attraction. In the club scene of Toronto, the city he now calls home, Dan Freeman has had a steady and growing following of fans who appreciate the evocative, smooth, enchanting beat of his music.

In 2006, Dan Freeman signed on with the leader in internet radio for electronic dance music, FRISKY Radio, to host Magnetic North, a monthly 2 hour long show that exposes to the world Canada’s hidden talent. Conceived by Dan Freeman, the show has already been a home to some of the finest acts in Canadian dance community such as John Acquaviva, Misstress Barbara, Greg Benz & MD, Paranoid Jack, mParadis, Nicky Delgado, Greg Gow, among others.