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Gelsted, Denmark

Electro House, House, Trance

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I started in the begining of Febuary, 2010 as host / DJ on a internet radio where I became better and better to entertain a audience, mixin and so on.

It wasn’t only my skills which became better. My equipment went from being a computer and a cheap USB-microphone, to be a MIDI-controller, a sound mixer, a middle clas condensator microphone, a computer, a couple of studio monitors and also a little MIDI-keyboard so i could start producing some music.

As my equipment and skills improved, my urge to play “face-2face” with my audience also became bigger and therefore i started the mobiledisco “Stabil Mobildiskotek” together with 2 friends.

When i play at a party i’m full of energy jumping around and dancing doing whatever i can to start the party.

My music style is very mixed and a play almost all music. Mainly i play House in all of it’s sub categories all from the more lounge tracks in the deep, tech and NU disco and stuff like that to the more hard house like progressive and electro house. Beside house music i really enjoy playing trance, a genre that I have loved since 2008. I also play other genres most noticeable is that i also play what some people call “Mainstream”. But you are more than welcome to ask me if i can play the genre that you need at your party!

My DJ style is not a lot of effects, instead im paying attention to the mixing being right on and not drowning the music en effects but using them at the right time.

Hope that you are interested in booking me!