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Damian Jr

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

House, Open Format

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Was born on the 31st Of March and he was born in Sarawak and he was raised up to the Historical City Called MALACCA,Malaysia!He started his journey in DJ industry when he was 16.Played in several clubs during at that age to earn his living and build up his name.He has the passion and he is happy for who he is right now in his career.He also can play music instrument as well,such as Guitar and Drums.He love to create a scene in the club to make the crowd go insane. Starting his career was a tough experience, he took step by step to learn every single genre such as R&B, Old Skool, Hip Hop and EDM. Played for Sultan of Selangor Private event in Malacca in year 2010 and several Gigs in Malacca, Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru. Gaining experience each and every single day to be where he stand and prove to his fans what he can produce to make the fans go wild! He is a patient DJ, never copy others but he learn from other DJ’s no matter in Clubs or Outdoor functions .After years,now he is taking down KL City to build his name.When for his first dj competition held in Zouk Club, KL called Ubermen DJ Competition 2013 and he got through in Top 8 of the Competition! He will never give up and he will continue to grow in the Music Era.