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Deon started his career in music in 1994 when he was trained by 3 of South Africa’s best hip-hop DJ’s. From there he moved on to the hard house and trance scene where he played in quite a number of clubs in Cape Town South Africa.

He started producing music in 1996 and started the project “Damage” with his partner and co-producer James around the year 2000. They worked on this project for about a year before they introduced it to the world.

Damage was a huge success from the word go and they signed up with a South African label called ""Timecode Records". They released a number of tracks on a few international compilations and did many successful gigs.

One year later, a very well known international label called “Shaffel Records” approached them. They signed a three-year contract in which they have to release 3 albums.


Damage has currently become the Deon’s solo project. He’s doing very well in keeping the reputation where it should be…at the edge of new style dance floor psy-trance.

With his hip hop, house, hard trance, hardcore and even metal influences, Deon will keep on creating a style of trance which is rich in color, flavor and funk. One of the many reasons why damage is doing so well at the moment.